Formula Related Functions
Count between dates by age range
Count birthdays by year
Count cells between dates
Count cells between two numbers
Count cells equal to
Count cells equal to case sensitive
Count cells equal to one of many things
Count cells equal to this or that
Count cells greater than
Count cells less than
Count cells not between two numbers
Count cells not equal to
Count cells not equal to many things
Count cells not equal to x or y
Count cells over n characters
Count cells that are blank
Count cells that are not blank
Count cells that begin with
Count cells that contain case sensitive
Count cells that contain either x or y
Count cells that contain errors
Count cells that contain n characters
Count cells that contain negative numbers
Count cells that contain numbers
Count cells that contain odd numbers
Count cells that contain positive numbers
Count cells that contain specific text
Count cells that contain text
Count cells that do not contain
Count cells that do not contain errors
Count cells that do not contain many strings
Count cells that end with
Count columns that contain specific values
Count dates by day of week
Count dates in given year
Count if row meets internal criteria
Count if row meets multiple criteria
Count if two criteria match
Count items in list
Count long numbers
Count matches between two columns
Count matching values in matching columns
Count missing values
Count non-blank cells by category
Count not equal to multiple criteria
Count numbers by nth digit
Count numbers by range
Count numbers that begin with
Count numbers with leading zeros
Count occurrences in entire workbook
Count or sum variance
Count or sum whole numbers only
Count paired items in listed combinations
Count rows that contain specific values
Count rows with at least n matching values
Count rows with multiple OR criteria
Count rows with OR logic
Count sold and remaining
Count total matches in two ranges
Count unique dates
Count unique numeric values in a range
Count unique numeric values with criteria
Count unique text values in a range
Count unique text values with criteria
Count unique values in a range with COUNTIF
Count visible rows in a filtered list
Count visible rows with criteria
COUNTIF with non-contiguous range
COUNTIFS with multiple criteria and OR logic
Histogram with FREQUENCY
Running count of occurrence in list
Summary count by month with COUNTIFS
Summary count with COUNTIF
Summary count with percentage breakdown
SUMPRODUCT count multiple OR criteria
Two-way summary count
Formula Related Functions
Calculate running total
Count cells that contain formulas
Subtotal by color
Subtotal by invoice number
Subtotal invoices by age
Sum across multiple worksheets
Sum across multiple worksheets with criteria
Sum and ignore errors
Sum bottom n values
Sum bottom n values with criteria
Sum by group
Sum by month
Sum by month ignore year
Sum by month in columns
Sum by quarter
Sum by week
Sum by week number
Sum by weekday
Sum by year
Sum columns based on adjacent criteria
Sum entire column
Sum entire row
Sum every n rows
Sum every nth column
Sum every nth row
Sum first n matching values
Sum first n rows
Sum formulas only
Sum if begins with
Sum if between
Sum if case-sensitive
Sum if cell contains text in another cell
Sum if cells are equal to
Sum if cells are not equal to
Sum if cells contain an asterisk
Sum if cells contain both x and y
Sum if cells contain either x or y
Sum if cells contain specific text
Sum if date is between
Sum if date is greater than
Sum if ends with
Sum if greater than
Sum if less than
Sum if multiple columns
Sum if multiple criteria
Sum if not blank
Sum if one of many things
Sum if x or y
Sum last 30 days
Sum last n columns
Sum last n rows
Sum matching columns
Sum matching columns and rows
Sum numbers in single cell
Sum top n values
Sum top n values with criteria
Sum visible rows in a filtered list
SUMIFS with horizontal range
SUMIFS with multiple criteria and OR logic
Formula Related Functions
Average and ignore errors
Average by group
Average by month
Average call time per month
Average hourly pay per day
Average if not blank
Average if with filter
Average last 3 numeric values
Average last n columns
Average last n rows
Average numbers ignore zero
Average salary by department
Average top 3 scores
Average with multiple criteria
Basic average example
Moving average formula
Must pass 4 out of 6 subjects
Weighted average
#Dynamic array
Formula Related Functions
Basic filter example
Biggest gainers and losers
Combine data in multiple worksheets
Combine ranges
Count unique dates ignore time
Count unique values
Count unique values with criteria
Detailed LET function example
Distinct values
Dynamic summary count
Dynamic two-way average
Dynamic two-way count
Dynamic two-way sum
Extract common values from text strings
Extract common values from two lists
Extract numbers from text
Filter and exclude columns
Filter and sort without errors
Filter and transpose horizontal to vertical
Filter by column, sort by row
Filter by date
FILTER case-sensitive
Filter contains one of many
Filter data between dates
Filter every nth row
Filter exclude blank values
Filter horizontal data
FILTER last n valid entries
FILTER on first or last n values
FILTER on top n values
FILTER on top n values with criteria
Filter text contains
Filter this or that
Filter to extract matching values
FILTER to remove columns
FILTER to show duplicate values
Filter values within tolerance
FILTER with complex multiple criteria
Filter with multiple criteria
FILTER with multiple OR criteria
FILTER with partial match
Generate random text strings
Get column totals
Get row totals
LAMBDA append range
LAMBDA append range horizontal
LAMBDA contains one of many
LAMBDA contains which things
LAMBDA count words
LAMBDA replace characters recursive
LAMBDA split text to array
LAMBDA strip characters
LAMBDA strip trailing characters recursive
List upcoming birthdays
MAP with AND and OR logic
Minimum value if unique
Random list of names
Random numbers without duplicates
Random sort
Remove blank rows
Sort birthdays by month and day
Sort by custom list
Sort by one column
Sort by substring
Sort by two columns
Sort text by length
Sort values by columns
Sum numbers with text
TEXTSPLIT get numeric values
Unique rows
Unique values
Unique values by count
Unique values case-sensitive
Unique values from multiple ranges
Unique values ignore blanks
Unique values with criteria
Unique values with multiple criteria
UNIQUE with non-adjacent columns
XLOOKUP match any column
#Min and Max
Formula Related Functions
Cap percentage between 0 and 100
Find lowest n values
First in last out times
Large with criteria
Larger of two values
Max by month
Max of every nth column
Max value ignore all errors
Max value on given weekday
Max value with variable column
Maximum change
Maximum if multiple criteria
Maximum value
Maximum value if
Minimum if multiple criteria
Minimum value
Minimum value if
Name of nth largest value
Name of nth largest value with criteria
nth largest value
nth largest value with criteria
nth largest without duplicates
nth smallest value
nth smallest value with criteria
Smaller of two values
Formula Related Functions
Case sensitive lookup
Find closest match
Find longest string
Find longest string with criteria
Find missing values
Get address of lookup result
Get all matches cell contains
Get cell content at given row and column
Get employee information with VLOOKUP
Get first match cell contains
Get first non-blank value in a list
Get first numeric value in a range
Get first text value in a range
Get first text value in a row
Get information about max value
Get last match
Get last match cell contains
Get location of value in 2D array
Get nth match
Get nth match with INDEX / MATCH
Get nth match with VLOOKUP
Get value of last non-empty cell
INDEX and MATCH advanced example
INDEX and MATCH all matches
INDEX and MATCH all partial matches
INDEX and MATCH approximate match
INDEX and MATCH approximate match with multiple criteria
INDEX and MATCH case-sensitive
INDEX and MATCH descending order
INDEX and MATCH exact match
Index and match on multiple columns
INDEX and MATCH two-column lookup
INDEX and MATCH with multiple criteria
INDEX and MATCH with variable columns
INDEX with variable array
Join tables with INDEX and MATCH
Left lookup with INDEX and MATCH
Left lookup with VLOOKUP
List missing values
Look up entire column
Look up entire row
Lookup and sum column
Lookup first negative value
Lookup last file version
Lookup latest price
Lookup lowest Monday tide
Lookup lowest value
Lookup number plus or minus N
Lookup up cost for product or service
Lookup value between two numbers
Lookup with variable sheet name
Match first does not begin with
Match first error
Match first occurrence does not contain
Match long text
Match next highest value
Max if criteria match
Merge tables with VLOOKUP
Multi-criteria lookup and transpose
Multiple chained VLOOKUPs
Multiple matches in comma separated list
Multiple matches into separate columns
Multiple matches into separate rows
Nearest location with XMATCH
Next largest match with the MATCH function
Partial match with numbers and wildcard
Partial match with VLOOKUP
Position of first partial match
Position of max value in list
Quantity based discount
Rank and score with INDEX and MATCH
Reverse VLOOKUP example
Self-contained VLOOKUP
Sum lookup values using SUMIF
Sum range with INDEX
SUMIFS multiple criteria lookup in table
SUMPRODUCT case-sensitive lookup
Two-way approximate match multiple criteria
Two-way lookup with INDEX and MATCH
VLOOKUP by date
VLOOKUP calculate grades
VLOOKUP calculate shipping cost
VLOOKUP case-sensitive
VLOOKUP from another sheet
VLOOKUP from another workbook
VLOOKUP if blank return blank
VLOOKUP override output
VLOOKUP tax rate calculation
VLOOKUP two-way lookup
VLOOKUP variable commission split
VLOOKUP with 2 lookup tables
VLOOKUP with multiple criteria
VLOOKUP with multiple criteria advanced
VLOOKUP with numbers and text
VLOOKUP with two client rates
VLOOKUP with variable table array
VLOOKUP without #N/A error
XLOOKUP approximate match with multiple criteria
XLOOKUP basic approximate match
XLOOKUP basic exact match
XLOOKUP binary search
XLOOKUP case-sensitive
XLOOKUP date of max value
XLOOKUP horizontal lookup
XLOOKUP last match
XLOOKUP latest by date
XLOOKUP lookup left
XLOOKUP lookup row or column
XLOOKUP match text contains
XLOOKUP rearrange columns
XLOOKUP return blank if blank
XLOOKUP two-way exact match
XLOOKUP wildcard contains substring
XLOOKUP wildcard match example
XLOOKUP with Boolean OR logic
XLOOKUP with complex multiple criteria
XLOOKUP with logical criteria
XLOOKUP with multiple criteria
XLOOKUP without #N/A error
XMATCH reverse search
XMATCH with multiple criteria
Zodiac sign lookup
Formula Related Functions
Calculate sales commission with if
If cell begins with x, y, or z
If cell contains
If cell contains this or that
If cell equals
If cell is blank
If cell is greater than
If cell is not blank
If cell is this OR that
If cell is x or y and z
If complete show checkmark
If date is between two dates
If else
If not blank multiple cells
If NOT this or that
If this AND that
If this AND that OR that
IF with boolean logic
IF with other calculations
IF with wildcards
Invoice age and status
Nested IF function example
Nested IF with multiple AND
Only calculate if not blank
Return blank if
Formula Related Functions
Categorize text with keywords
Group arbitrary text values
Group numbers at uneven intervals
Group numbers with VLOOKUP
Group times into 3 hour buckets
Group times into unequal buckets
If cell contains one of many things
Map inputs to arbitrary values
Map text to numbers
Running count group by n size
#Conditional formatting
Formula Related Functions
Highlight 3 smallest values with criteria
Conditional formatting based on another cell
Conditional formatting based on another column
Conditional formatting column is blank
Conditional formatting date past due
Conditional formatting dates overlap
Conditional formatting highlight target percentage
Conditional formatting last n rows
Find duplicate values in two columns
Gantt chart
Gantt chart by week
Gantt chart time schedule
Gantt chart with weekends
Highlight approximate match lookup conditional formatting
Highlight blank cells
Highlight bottom values
Highlight cells that begin with
Highlight cells that contain
Highlight cells that contain one of many
Highlight cells that end with
Highlight cells that equal
Highlight column differences
Highlight data by quartile
Highlight dates between
Highlight dates greater than
Highlight dates in same month and year
Highlight dates in the next N days
Highlight dates that are weekends
Highlight duplicate columns
Highlight duplicate rows
Highlight duplicate values
Highlight entire rows
Highlight every other row
Highlight integers only
Highlight many matching values
Highlight missing values
Highlight multiples of specific value
Highlight numbers that include symbols
Highlight row and column intersection exact match
Highlight rows that contain
Highlight rows with blank cells
Highlight rows with dates between
Highlight specific day of week
Highlight top values
Highlight unique values
Highlight unprotected cells
Highlight values between
Highlight values greater than
Highlight values not between X and Y
Shade alternating groups of n rows
#Data validation
Formula Related Functions
Data validation allow numbers only
Data validation allow text only
Data validation allow uppercase only
Data validation allow weekday only
Data validation date in next 30 days
Data validation date in specific year
Data validation don't exceed total
Data validation exists in list
Data validation must begin with
Data validation must contain specific text
Data validation must not contain
Data validation must not exist in list
Data validation no punctuation
Data validation only dates between
Data validation require specific multiple
Data validation require unique number
Data validation specific characters only
Data validation unique values only
Data validation whole percentage only
Data validation with conditional list
Formula Related Functions
Break ties with helper column and COUNTIF
Rank function example
Rank if formula
Rank race results
Rank values by month
Rank with ordinal suffix
Rank without ties
Formula Related Functions
Get decimal part of a number
Get integer part of a number
Get number at place value
Round a number
Round a number down
Round a number down to nearest multiple
Round a number to n significant digits
Round a number to nearest multiple
Round a number up
Round a number up to nearest multiple
Round a number up to next half
Round a price to end in .99
Round by bundle size
Round price to end in .45 or .95
Round time to nearest 15 minutes
Round to nearest 1000
Round to nearest 5
#Date and Time
Formula Related Functions
Add business days to date
Add days exclude certain days of week
Add days to date
Add decimal hours to time
Add decimal minutes to time
Add months to date
Add workdays to date custom workweek
Add years to date
Assign points based on late time
Basic timesheet formula with breaks
Calculate date overlap in days
Calculate days open
Calculate days remaining
Calculate expiration date
Calculate hours between two times
Calculate retirement date
Calculate time before expiration date
Calculate years between dates
Convert date string to date time
Convert date to Julian format
Convert date to month and year
Convert date to text
Convert decimal hours to Excel time
Convert decimal minutes to Excel time
Convert decimal seconds to Excel time
Convert Excel time to decimal hours
Convert Excel time to decimal minutes
Convert Excel time to decimal seconds
Convert Excel time to Unix time
Convert text date dd/mm/yy to mm/dd/yy
Convert text timestamp into time
Convert text to date
Convert time to money
Convert time to time zone
Convert Unix time stamp to Excel date
Count birthdays by month
Count calls at specific times
Count dates in current month
Count day of week between dates
Count holidays between two dates
Count times in a specific range
Create date range from two dates
Custom weekday abbreviation
Date is same month
Date is same month and year
Date is workday
Days in month
Display the current date
Display the current date and time
Due date by category
Dynamic calendar formula
Dynamic calendar grid
Dynamic date list
Extract date from a date and time
Extract time from a date and time
Filter on dates expiring soon
Future time intervals
Generate quarter dates
Get age from birthday
Get date from day number
Get day from date
Get day name from date
Get days before a date
Get days between dates
Get days between dates ignoring years
Get days, hours, and minutes between dates
Get days, months, and years between dates
Get earliest and latest project dates
Get first day of month
Get first day of previous month
Get fiscal quarter from date
Get fiscal year from date
Get last day of month
Get last weekday in month
Get last working day in month
Get Monday of the week
Get month from date
Get month name from date
Get months between dates
Get most recent day of week
Get next day of week
Get next scheduled event
Get nth day of week in month
Get nth day of year
Get percent of year complete
Get previous Sunday
Get project end date
Get project midpoint
Get project start date
Get quarter from date
Get same date next month
Get same date next year
Get week number from date
Get work hours between dates
Get work hours between dates and times
Get work hours between dates custom schedule
Get workdays between dates
Get year from date
Happy birthday message
If Monday, roll back to Friday
Join date and text
Last n days
Last n months
Last n weeks
Last updated date stamp
List holidays between two dates
Month number from name
Next anniversary date
Next biweekly payday from date
Next business day 6 months in future
Next working day
Pad week numbers with zeros
Parse time string to time
Previous working day
Remove time from timestamp
Sum by fiscal year
Sum race time splits
Sum time
Sum time by week and project
Sum time over 30 minutes
Sum time with SUMIFS
Time duration with days
Time in hundredths of a second
Time since start in day ranges
Timesheet overtime calculation formula
Total hours that fall between two times
Workdays per month
Working days in year
Working days left in month
Year is a leap year
#Date series
Formula Related Functions
Biweekly pay schedule
List nth weekdays of the month
List workdays between dates
Semimonthly pay schedule
Sequence of custom days
Sequence of days
Sequence of leap years
Sequence of months
Sequence of times
Sequence of weekends
Sequence of workdays
Sequence of years
Formula Related Functions
10 most common text values
Abbreviate names or words
Add a line break with a formula
Add line break based on OS
Capitalize first letter in a text string
Cell begins with
Cell contains all of many things
Cell contains number
Cell contains one of many things
Cell contains one of many with exclusions
Cell contains some words but not others
Cell contains specific text
Cell contains specific words
Cell ends with
Cell equals one of many things
Clean and reformat telephone numbers
Compare two strings
Conditional message with REPT function
Convert numbers to text
Convert text to numbers
Count keywords cell contains
Count line breaks in cell
Count numbers in text string
Count specific characters in a range
Count specific characters in text string
Count specific words in a cell
Count specific words in a range
Count total characters in a cell
Count total characters in a range
Count total words in a cell
Count total words in a range
Double quotes inside a formula
Extract last two words from cell
Extract multiple lines from a cell
Extract nth word from text string
Extract substring
Extract text between parentheses
Extract word containing specific text
Extract word that begins with specific character
Find and replace multiple values
Find nth occurrence of character
Get first word
Get last line in cell
Get last word
Join cells with comma
MAC address format
Make words plural
Most frequent text with criteria
Most frequently occurring text
Normalize text
Pad text to equal length
Position of 2nd 3rd etc instance of character
Remove characters from right
Remove file extension from filename
Remove first character
Remove last word
Remove leading and trailing spaces from text
Remove line breaks
Remove text by matching
Remove text by position
Remove text by variable position
Remove unwanted characters
Replace one character with another
Replace one delimiter with another
Reverse text string
Sort comma separated values
Split dimensions into three parts
Split dimensions into two parts
Split numbers from units of measure
Split text and numbers
Split text string at specific character
Split text string to character array
Split text with delimiter
Strip html from text or numbers
Strip non-numeric characters
Strip numeric characters from cell
Text split to array
Translate letters to numbers
Trim text to n words
Formula Related Functions
Annual compound interest schedule
Annuity solve for interest rate
Bond valuation example
CAGR formula examples
Calculate compound interest
Calculate cumulative loan interest
Calculate cumulative loan principal payments
Calculate interest for given period
Calculate interest rate for loan
Calculate loan interest in given year
Calculate original loan amount
Calculate payment for a loan
Calculate payment periods for loan
Calculate periods for annuity
Calculate principal for given period
Calculate simple interest
Compare effect of compounding periods
Currency exchange rate example
Effective annual interest rate
Estimate mortgage payment
Future value of annuity
Future value vs. Present value
Get current stock price
Get stock price (latest close)
Get stock price last n days
Get stock price last n months
Get stock price on specific date
Income tax bracket calculation
Mortgage payment schedule
NPV formula for net present value
Payment for annuity
Present value of annuity
Required recovery rate
Tax rate calculation with fixed base
Tax rate calculation with two rates
Formula Related Functions
Area of a circle
Area of a parallelogram
Area of a trapezoid
Area of a triangle
Circumference of a circle
Distance formula
Pythagorean theorem
Surface area of a cone
Surface area of a cylinder
Surface area of a sphere
Volume of a cone
Volume of a cylinder
Volume of a rectangular prism
Volume of a sphere
Formula Related Functions
Count errors in all sheets
Dynamic workbook reference
Dynamic worksheet reference
Get full workbook name and path
Get sheet name only
Get workbook name and path without sheet
Get workbook name only
Get workbook path only
Indirect named range different sheet
List sheet index numbers
List sheet names with formula
Worksheet name exists
Formula Related Functions
Create email address from name
Create email with display name
Get domain from email address
Get domain name from URL
Get name from email address
Get page from URL
Get top level domain (TLD)
Remove protocol from URL
Remove trailing slash from url
Formula Related Functions
Get first name from name
Get first name from name with comma
Get last name from name
Get last name from name with comma
Get middle name from full name
Join first and last name
Put names into proper case
Split full name into parts
Formula Related Functions
Calculate percent variance
Calculate percentage of number
Decrease by percentage
Difference is within specific percentage
Get amount with percentage
Get original number from percent change
Get original price from percentage discount
Get percent change
Get percentage discount
Get percentage of total
Get profit margin percentage
Get total from percentage
Increase by percentage
Percent of goal
Percent of students absent
Percent sold
Project complete percentage
Formula Related Functions
Random date between two dates
Random number between two numbers
Random number from fixed set of options
Random number weighted probability
Random text values
Random times at specific intervals
Random value from list or table
Randomly assign data to groups
Randomly assign people to groups
Formula Related Functions
Add row numbers and skip blanks
Address of first cell in range
Address of last cell in range
All cells in range are blank
All values in a range are at least
Automatic row numbers
Combine ranges with CHOOSE
Count cells in range
Count visible columns
COUNTIFS with variable range
Define range based on cell value
Dynamic named range with INDEX
Dynamic named range with OFFSET
Dynamic range between two matches
First column number in range
First match between two ranges
First row number in range
Get address of named range or table
Get relative column numbers in range
Get relative row numbers in range
Last column number in range
Last n rows
Last row in mixed data with blanks
Last row in mixed data with no blanks
Last row in numeric data
Last row in text data
Last row number in range
Multiple cells are equal
Multiple cells have same value
Multiple cells have same value case sensitive
Multiple columns are equal
Range contains a value not in another range
Range contains numbers
Range contains specific date
Row is blank
Total columns in range
Total rows in range
Formula Related Functions
Automatic row numbers in Table
Average last N values in a table
Basic inventory formula example
Count table columns
Count table rows
COUNTIFS with variable table column
Dynamic reference to table
Get column index in Excel Table
Get column name from index in table
Percentile IF in table
Running count in Table
Running total in Table
Sum multiple tables
SUMIFS vs other lookup formulas
SUMIFS with Excel Table
Two-way lookup VLOOKUP in a Table
Two-way summary with SUMIFS
Formula Related Functions
How to fix a circular reference error
How to fix the #### (hashtag) error
How to fix the #CALC! error
How to fix the #DIV/0! error
How to fix the #N/A error
How to fix the #NAME? error
How to fix the #NULL! error
How to fix the #NUM! error
How to fix the #REF! error
How to fix the #SPILL! error
How to fix the #VALUE! error
Formula Related Functions
Abbreviate state names
Add leading zeros to numbers
All dates in chronological order
Basic array formula example
Basic attendance tracking formula
Basic error trapping example
Basic in cell histogram
Basic numeric sort formula
Basic outline numbering
Basic text sort formula
BMI calculation formula
Build hyperlink with VLOOKUP
Calculate a ratio from two numbers
Calculate win loss tie totals
Cap percentage at 100
Cap percentage at specific amount
Carry-on baggage Inches to centimeters
Cash denomination calculator
Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion
Change negative numbers to positive
Check register balance
Coefficient of variation
Conditional median with criteria
Conditional mode with criteria
Convert column letter to number
Convert column number to letter
Convert expense time units
Convert feet and inches to inches
Convert inches to feet and inches
Convert negative numbers to zero
Convert numbers to 1 or 0
Convert pounds to kilograms
Copy value from every nth column
Copy value from every nth row
Cost of living adjustment
Count consecutive monthly orders
Count values out of tolerance
Count with repeating values
Course completion status summary
Course completion summary with criteria
Create array of numbers
Cube root of number
Customer is new
Display sorted values with helper column
Dropdown sum with all option
Easy bundle pricing with SUMPRODUCT
Expense begins on specific month
Extract unique items from a list
Filter values in array formula
Fixed value every N columns
Flag first duplicate in a list
Flip table rows to columns
Forecast vs actual variance
Formula with locked absolute reference
Get date associated with last entry
Get first entry by month and year
Get last entry by month and year
Get pivot table grand total
Get pivot table subtotal
Get pivot table subtotal grouped date
Hyperlink to first blank cell
Hyperlink to first match
Increment a calculation with ROW or COLUMN
Increment a number in a text string
Increment cell reference with INDIRECT
Leave a comment in a formula
Link to multiple sheets
List most frequently occurring numbers
Longest winning streak
Lookup last file revision
Mark rows with logical tests
Most frequently occurring number
Multiplication table formula
New customers per month
Nightly hotel rate calculation
Normalize size units to Gigabytes
nth root of number
Number is whole number
Odometer gas mileage log
One or the other not both
Pad a number with zeros
Parse XML with formula
Random sort formula
Range contains duplicates
Range contains one of many substrings
Range contains one of many values
Range contains specific text
Repeat fixed value every 3 months
Repeat range of values
Repeat sequence of numbers
Return array with INDEX function
Reverse a list or range
Risk Matrix Example
Score quiz answers with key
Search entire worksheet for value
Search multiple worksheets for value
Send email with formula
Show formula text with formula
Simple currency conversion
Sort and extract unique values
Sort numbers ascending or descending
Sort text and numbers with formula
Split payment across months
Square root of number
Standard deviation calculation
Student class enrollment with table
Sum every 3 cells
Sum Roman numbers
Sum text values like numbers
Text is greater than number
Transpose table without zeros
Unwrap column into fields
Validate input with check mark
Value exists in a range
Value is between two numbers
Value is within tolerance
Volunteer hours requirement calculation