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Excel formula: Lookup and sum column
To lookup and return the sum of a column, you can use the a formula based on the INDEX, MATCH and SUM functions. In the example shown, the formula in I7 is: = SUM ( INDEX ( C5:F11 , 0 , MATCH ( I6 , C4:F4 , 0 ))) How this formula works The core of this formula uses the INDEX and MATCH function in a...Read more
Excel formula: Workdays per month
To calculate workdays per month, use the EOMONTH function together with the NETWORKDAYS function. In the example shown, the formula in C4 is: = NETWORKDAYS ( B4 , EOMONTH ( B4 , 0 ), holidays ) Where "holidays" is the named range E3:E13. How this formula works First, it's important to understand...Read more
Excel formula: Remove unwanted characters
To remove specific unwanted characters in Excel, you can use a formula based on the substitute function. In the example shown, the formula in C4 is: = SUBSTITUTE ( B4 , CHAR ( 202 ), "" ) Which removes a series of 4 invisible characters at the start of each cell in column B. How this...Read more
Excel formula: Compare two strings
If you need to compare two text strings in Excel to determine if they're equal, you can use the EXACT function. For example, if you want to compare A2 with B2, use: = EXACT ( A2 , B2 ) If the two strings are identical, EXACT will return TRUE. If not, EXACT will return FALSE. You can use this result...Read more
Excel formula: Count total words in a range
If you want to count the total words in a range of cells, you can do with a formula that uses LEN and SUBSTITUTE, along with the SUMPRODUCT function. In the generic form of the formula above, rng represents a range of cells that contain words. In the example above, we are using: = SUMPRODUCT ( LEN...Read more


Tip: How to build a search box to highlight data
In this video, we use conditional formatting to create an interactive search box to highlight data. This is a nice alternative to filtering, because the information you're looking is...
Run time: 3:35
Tip: How to calculate expiration dates
How to generate an expiration date in the future, how to calculate "days remaining", and how to highlight rows that are expired or expiring soon with conditional formatting.
Run time: 3:54
Tip: How to select cells with your keyboard
Excel Pros use keyboard shortcuts to power though big worksheets with blazing speed. In this video, we look at some key shortcuts for selecting cells.
Run time: 2:09
Tip: How to query a table with formulas
Because tables support structured references, you can learn a lot about a table with basic formulas. In this video, we run through about a dozen examples. It's a nice demo of how...
Run time: 3:49
Tip: How to use SUMIFS with a table
In the video, we build one set of SUMIFS formulas with a table, and one set without. This makes it really easy to see the nice benefits you get when you combine tables and formulas.
Run time: 3:40


The double negative in Excel formulas
The double negative coerces TRUE or FALSE values to their numeric equivalents, 1 and 0. This is a useful technique in many advanced formulas that work with cell ranges.
101 Excel Functions
Excel contains over 450 functions. Where should you start? This guide is a walkthrough of over 100 important functions in Excel. Click function names for details and linked examples.
Criteria are a key concept in Excel, but building useful criteria for text, numbers, dates, times, etc. is hard because it requires a good understanding of how Excel handles data. This guide will help you build formulas that work the first time with over 50 examples.
Every once in a while, you might find Excel behaving in a bizarre or unexpected way. One example is when you accidentally trigger the scroll lock feature. Another example is when one or more formulas suddenly stops working. Instead of a result, you see only a formula. What?
Excel Tables have a boring (and confusingly generic) name, but they are packed with useful features. This article is a summary of the things you should know about Excel Tables.


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