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Count between dates by age range

The goal of this example is to count rows in the data where the date joined falls between start and end dates (inclusive) and the age also falls into the age ranges seen in column G. The formula is complicated somewhat by the fact that the age range labels are actually text, so we need to...Read more

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The TEXTSPLIT function splits text by a given delimiter into multiple cells. TEXTSPLIT can split text into rows or columns. The output from TEXTSPLIT is an array that will spill into multiple cells on the workbook.

TEXTSPLIT...Read more

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In this article, I attempt to explain why you see SUMPRODUCT so often in formulas, and when you can use the SUM function instead. The short version: SUMPRODUCT supports array operations natively, which makes it very useful for solving seemingly unrelated...Read more

As an undergrad doing radiation materials damage research, I have a lot of data to sift through and analyze. Microsoft's Excel has been a very useful multi-tool, and ExcelJet has been a extremely handy guidebook to using Excel effectively. Thank You!
...I love your training videos. You have some great examples of different ideas and they are very easy to understand.
I've been using your site for a while to figure out functions that I am not familiar with. The way that you guys explain things is super helpful.

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