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Basic filter example

In this example the goal is to return rows in the range B5:E15 that have a specific state value in column E. To make the example dynamic, the state is a variable entered in cell H4. When the state in H4 is changed, the formula should return a new set of records. This is a perfect...Read more

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The Excel TEXTAFTER function extracts text that occurs after a given delimiter. When multiple delimiters appear in the text, TEXTAFTER can return text that occurs after the nth instance of the delimiter. TEXTAFTER can also extract text after a specific delimiter when counting...Read more

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It's a really well thought out product. I'm a senior IT consultant and I do a lot of work with spreadsheets but not so much that I can remember all of the tricks. The way you guys slice it up and get to the point quickly is very helpful. I really only use about 5-10% of the material but it is super helpful.
Your excel training material is amazing. Whenever I have searched for any complex formula in excel and googled it, your web links were almost always in the top 5 search results and whenever I have referred your links, my doubts & queries have been resolved quickly and effectively.
Just wanted to drop a quick thanks for being a couple epic excel teachers. My schedule doesn't really allow for day classes covering stuff I may already know so when I need help on a specific 'how do I do this?' I google it and look for Exceljet. Super clean instruction, great examples, you two are lifesavers.

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