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Split text string at specific character

In this example, the goal is to split a text string at the underscore("_") character with a formula. Notice the location of the underscore is different in each row. This means the formula needs to locate the position of the underscore character first before any...Read more

Featured Functions

XLOOKUP Function

XLOOKUP is a modern replacement for the VLOOKUP function. It is a flexible and versatile function that can be used in a wide variety of situations.

XLOOKUP can find values in vertical or horizontal ranges, can perform approximate and exact matches, and supports wildcards (* ?) for...Read more

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In this article, I attempt to explain why you see SUMPRODUCT so often in formulas, and when you can use the SUM function instead. The short version: SUMPRODUCT supports array operations natively, which makes it very useful for solving seemingly unrelated...Read more

Just a short note to thank you for all of the free info you’ve put out there. Once again, I was stuck on something and just looked it up in your library of lessons. I was able to figure out the problem immediately.
I think I love you. This is going to save me hundreds of hours a year.
Thank you very much. The function is working fantastically. It saved me at least 3 full working days.
Rajesh Ramachandran

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