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VSTACK Function

The Excel VSTACK function combines arrays vertically into a single array. Each subsequent array is appended to the bottom of the previous array. The result from VSTACK is a single array that spills onto the worksheet into multiple cells.

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I am a software engineer with 10+ years of programming experience, but I had to learn advanced Excel material for a new job that used it primarily and I found the official Microsoft documentation a bit vague and uninstructive until I found your website, which helped me implicitly understand a lot about the internal workings of Excel's formulas and matrix treatments through your explanations and examples.
Just needed to get the syntax right for advancing a DATE cell by one and while only using Monday through Friday. With the help of your site, I cobbled it together. Thanks a bunch!
I find your site a fantastic resource. I have dramatically improved my Excel skills simply by looking at your emails and videos!

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