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List upcoming birthdays

In this example, the goal is to list the next n upcoming birthdays from a larger set of 25 birthdays based on the current date. The set of birthdays are in an Excel Table named data in the range B5:C29. In the example shown, we are using 7 for...Read more

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SUMIFS Function

The SUMIFS function sums the cells in a range that meet multiple conditions, referred to as criteria. Each condition is provided with a separate range and criteria. To define criteria, SUMIFS supports various logical operators...Read more

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By the way I think your site is an awesome reference tool for excel, especially the section with formula examples. I have found that to be incredibly helpful.
It was a pleasure to read your explanations and samples - I am rather a novice, but managed with the great help of your explanation. Thanks a lot, you are a treasure.
I wanted to say how much I love your website. I never used excel before my current position, which I started in 3 years ago, and I have since had to heavily rely on Excel for many, many things. I've looked at many different websites throughout my time in my current position, and by far I love yours the most. Your explanations are simple, straight forward, and have brought me to a point I feel extremely confident with my skills in excel.

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