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In this example the goal is to return rows in the range B5:E15 that have a specific state value in column E. To make the example dynamic, the state is a variable entered in cell H4. When the state in H4 is changed, the formula should return a new set of records. This is a perfect...Read more

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In this article, I attempt to explain why you see SUMPRODUCT so often in formulas, and when you can use the SUM function instead. The short version: SUMPRODUCT supports array operations natively, which makes it very useful for solving seemingly unrelated...Read more

Just wanted to pass by and thank you for the great help you offer on your page. I looked up three different issues I had with a sheet in the last hour, and the three of them were solved by reading your tutorials. Great work!
Your courses are fantastic!! The videos are concise and easily digestible. I will be ordering more.
This site just saved my life today while importing data to a new database. THANK YOU!!!

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