Concatenation refers to the operation of joining values together to create a text string. In Excel, you can concatenate with the concatenation operator, which is an ampersand (&) or by using one of several functions for concatenation.

In the screen above, the formulas used for concatenation are:

=B6&" and pears"
=B7&" apples"
="The term is "&12&" months"
="Sale ends "&TEXT(B8,"mmmm d")

Note that in the last example, we are using the TEXT function to format the date in B8 as a date in "mmm d" format.

Concatenation with functions

Excel contains three functions you can also use for concatenation: the CONCATENATE function, the CONCAT function, and the TEXTJOIN function. CONCAT and TEXTJOIN are new functions available in Office 365 and Excel 2019.

For a complete overview, see: How to concatenate in Excel