For writing formulas, Excel has a standard set of math operators for performing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and exponentiation (raising to the power of). In addition, Excel also provides operators for cell ranges, range intersects, and implicit intersection. The symbols used for these operations are summarized in the table below.

Symbol Operation Example
+ Addition =2+3=5
- Subtraction =9-2=7
* Multiplication =6*7=42
/ Division =9/3=3
^ Exponentiation =4^2=16
() Parentheses =(2+4)/3=2
& Concatenation ="Z"&100="Z100"
: Range =SUM(F5:F14)=55
space Range Intersect =F1:F14 A10:G10 = 6
@ Implicit intersection @F5:F14 = 10

Logical operators are summarized here. Excel also provides a very large number of built-in functions.