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Excel SMALL Function

Excel SMALL function

The Excel SMALL function returns numeric values based on their position in a list ranked by value. In other words, it can retrive "nth smallest" values - smallest value, 2nd smallest value, 3rd smallest value, etc.

Get the nth smallest value
Return value 
The nth smallest value in the array.
=SMALL (array, n)
  • array - A range of cells from which to extract smallest values.
  • n - An integer that specifies the position from the smallest value, i.e. the nth position.
Usage notes 

The SMALL function is useful when you want to retrieve the nth lowest value from a set of data — for example, the first, second, or third fastest times in a race.

Like LARGE, the SMALL function retrieves numeric values based on their position in a list when sorted by value.

Note: Microsoft documentation refers to "k" instead of "n". We use n because "nth" is much easier to say.

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