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Validate input with check mark

Excel formula: Validate input with check mark
Generic formula 

To display a check mark if the value passes some kind of test, you can use a formula based on the IF function together a symbolic font like Wingdings.

In the example show, the formula in C5 is:


Where the cells in column C are formatted with Wingdings 2.


At the core, this is just an IF statement set up to return a capital P when TRUE:


If the test returns FALSE, the formula returns an empty string (""). To display "P" as a check mark, cells in column C are formatted with Wingdings 2.

For the test, we are using the COUNTIF function like this:


COUNTIF checks if the value in B5 occurs in the named range "allowed". If the value is found, COUNTIF will return a positive number, if not, COUNTIF will return zero. This works perfectly as the logical test for IF.

With fixed values

The example above shows allowed values in a range of cells, but allowed values can also be hard-coded into the formulas as an array constant like this:

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