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Create email address from name

Excel formula: Create email address from name
Generic formula 

To build email addresses using first and last names, you can use a formula that concatenates values, with help from the LOWER and LEFT functions as needed.

In the example shown, the formula in D5 is:


For a name like "Tim Brown", this formula builds an email address like "tbrown@domain.com".

First, the LEFT function is used to get the first letter from the first name in column C. Usually, the LEFT function gets a "num_chars" value for the second argument, but the argument is optional and defaults to 1 if omitted.

LEFT(C5) // get first character from first name

The first letter of the first name is then joined to the last name using the concatenation operator (&), and the result is wrapped in the LOWER function, which forces all text to lower case.

LOWER(LEFT(C5)&B5) // lower case

Finally, result is jointed again to "@" and then to the domain. The domain is kept separate for convenience only. The formula could be written like this:

With a named range

To simply the formula, you could create a named range "domain" to hold the domain name, then rewrite the formula like this:


Changing the value in the named range will then update all email addresses at once.

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