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Excel TEXTJOIN Function

Excel TEXTJOIN function

The Excel TEXTJOIN function concatenates (joins) values with a given delimiter. Unlike the CONCAT function, TEXTJOIN allows you to supply a range of cells, and has a setting to ignore empty values.

Join text values with a delimiter
Return value 
Result of concatenated text
=TEXTJOIN (delimiter, ignore_empty, text1, [text2], ...)
  • delimiter - Separator between each text.
  • ignore_empty - Whether to ignore empty cells or not.
  • text1 - First text value or range.
  • text2 - [optional] Second text value or range.
Usage notes 

The TEXTJOIN function joins values from one or more text strings or ranges that contain text.

  • Unlike the CONCATENATE function, TEXTJOIN allows you to specify a range of cells and a delimiter to use when joining text values.
  • The second argument, ignore_empty, controls behavior for empty cells and text values. If set TRUE, empty values are skipped so that the delimiter is not repeated in the final result.
  • TEXTJOIN is a new function in Excel 2016.

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