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Excel COLUMNS Function

Excel COLUMNS function

The Excel COLUMNS function returns the count of columns in a given reference. For example, COLUMNS(A1:C3) returns 3, since the range A1:C3 contains 3 columns.

Get the number of columns in an array or reference.
Return value 
Number of columns
=COLUMNS (array)
  • array - A reference to a range of cells.
Usage notes 

Use the COLUMNS function to get the column count for a given reference or range. For example, there are 6 columns in the range A1:A10, so:

=COLUMNS(A1:F1) // returns 6

The range B1:D5 contains 3 columns:

=COLUMNS(B1:D5) // returns 3

You can also use the COLUMNS function to get a column count for an array constant:

=COLUMNS({1,2,3,4,5}) // returns 5


  • Array can be a range or a reference to a single contiguous group of cells.
  • Array can be an array constant or an array created by another formula.
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