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100% Stacked Column Chart

Excel 100% stacked column chart example

A 100% stacked column chart is an Excel chart type meant to show the relative percentage of multiple data series in stacked columns, where the total (cumulative) of stacked columns always equals 100%. The 100% stacked column chart can show the part-to-whole proportions over time, for example the proportion of quarterly sales per region or the proportion of monthly mortgage payment that goes toward interest vs. principal.

Although stacked column charts can show the change over time of a part-to-whole relationship, it's generally difficult to compare the relative size of the components that make up each column. 


  • Multiple categories and data series in compact space
  • Can show part-to-whole changes over time


  • Difficult to compare all but first series
  • Become visually complex as categories or series are added


  • Limit data series and categories
  • Avoid all 3d variants

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