This chart is an example of a 100% stacked column chart. The data shown in the chart represents projects over a three year period, categorized as hit goals, missed goals, and exceeded goals. I think this is a good example of how a 100% stacked column chart can work well to show trends over time, in this case highlighting the worrying trend of more projects with missed goals.

The data used to plot the chart looks like this:

Data used to plot project goal attainment

How to create this chart

  1. Select data and Insert > Column chart on Ribbon:
    Insert > column chart via ribbon
  2. Choose the 2D 100% stacked column option:
    Select 100% stacked column option under 2d bar charts
  3. Chart as inserted:
    Chart as inserted
  4. Move legend to top of chart:
    Move legend to top
  5. Select data on the ribbon (or right click to select)
  6. Reorder series to plot missed data first:
    Reorder series to plot missed data first
  7. Reorder series to plot missed data first:
    Set series overlap and gap width
  8. Set tick marks on vertical axis:
    Set tick marks on vertical axis
  9. Select and delete horizontal grid lines
  10. Chart at this point in the process:
    Chart in progress
  11. Right click each series and set fill color:
    Right-click and set fill color for each series
  12. Final chart before resizing and setting title:
    Final 100% stacked column chart
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