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Excel IPMT Function

Excel IPMT function

The Excel IPMT function can be used to calculate the interest portion of a given loan payment in a given payment period. For example, you can use IPMT to get the interest amount of a payment for the first period, the last period, or any period in between.

Get interest in given period
Return value 
The interest amount
=IPMT (rate, per, nper, pv, [fv], [type])
  • rate - The interest rate per period.
  • per - The payment period of interest.
  • nper - The total number of payment periods.
  • pv - The present value, or total value of all payments now.
  • fv - [optional] The cash balance desired after last payment is made. Defaults to 0.
  • type - [optional] When payments are due. 0 = end of period. 1 = beginning of period. Default is 0.
Usage notes 


  1. Be consistent with inputs for rate. For example, for 5-year loan with 4.5% annual interest, enter the rate as 4.5%/12.
  2. By convention, the loan value (pv) is entered as a negative value.


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