I was looking at an article on about popular college degrees for women and men. They listed 9 degrees for both women and men (on many, many pages), and this chart is just a mash-up of the data they cited, sorted to show popular degrees for women at the top.

The chart type is 100% stacked bar, and its a good example of how a bar charts can accommodate extremely long labels. The data used in the chart looks like this:

Data used to plot this chart

How to make this chart

  1. Select data and insert column chart via ribbon:
    Insert bar / column chart on ribbon
  2. Choose 100% stacked bar chart under 2d bars:
    Select 100% stacked bar option under 2d bar charts
  3. Chart as inserted:
    100% stacked bar chart as inserted
  4. Select data series and increase bar width:
    Select data series and decrease gap width
  5. Select each data series and set desired color.
  6. Select data series for women and reverse category:
    Reverse category order, set horizontal axis to cross at max category
  7. Add Data Labels:
    Select chart and add data labels
  8. Move legend to top:
    Select legend and move to top
  9. Select and delete gridlines
  10. Set title as desired
  11. Final chart before resizing and adjusting font size:
    Final 100% stacked bar before resizing and adjusting font size
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