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Formulas for finding text in Excel
Does cell A1 contain "apple"? This is a surprisingly tricky problem in Excel. In this article, we look at several options, based on the functions FIND, SEARCH, ISNUMBER, and COUNTIF.
Excel shortcuts on a Mac

Shortcuts work great in the Mac version of Excel, but there are differences you should know about. This article explains the 5 key differences you need to be aware of to work productively with Excel shortcuts on a Mac. 

Popular Excel shortcuts

We asked users how important Excel shortcuts are to them and also about their favorite shortcuts. This is what we learned...

The evil scroll lock enabled in Excel 2010

Your report is due in an hour. You're working along in Excel, and suddenly you notice you can no longer move around properly. You press the arrow keys, but instead of the cursor moving to another cell, the entire worksheet seems to be moving about. WTF?! 

Before you panic, and call IT to tell them Excel is broken, check to see if Scroll Lock is to blame. Read below to learn how.

Learn Excel formulas and differentiate yourself

If you've ever wondered whether learning Excel formulas is worth your time, this list is for you. Formulas are the glue that hold spreadsheets together all over the world, and your skill with them can help you in many ways.

How to use VLOOKUP - things you need to know
Although VLOOKUP is a pretty simple function, there is plenty that can go wrong. Quickly learn more than 20 things you should know about VLOOKUP to make your experience pleasant and profitable.
Danger: beware VLOOKUP defaults

Many users aren't aware of it, but VLOOKUP will use approximate match mode by default. This can be a disaster in a, because VLOOKUP can return a totally incorrect result. Read below to learn how match modes work in VLOOKUP, and how to avoid this dangerous problem.

In this formula puzzle, we look at truck location GPS data, and ask: what formula will calculate the hours that each truck was stopped during the day?

How to test conditional formatting with dummy formulas
If you've ever tried to apply conditional formatting with a formula, you know the hardest part is making sure the formula actually works. Here's an easy way to test the formula, before you use it in a rule.

How do you figure out what formula to use? A teardown of 5 good formulas you can use to highlight dates based on a common month and year value using conditional formatting.

Excel has a built-in conditional formatting rule that will highlight dates that occur "this month". But what if you want to highlight dates in the same month and year for any date?

Excel conditional formatting tips

In this article, we look at some cool ways that you can use Excel's conditional formatting feature to quickly visualize important data.

Pivot tables to delight and amaze!

In this article, we take a short tour of some "unconventional" pivot tables you probably haven't seen before. These are interesting pivot tables that are summarizing something *other* than sales data.

Keep or cut?
This article is for those of you who don't get pivot tables. Maybe you tried pivot tables once, and didn't see what the big deal was, or maybe you got frustrated when a pivot table wouldn't behave. They can be that way.
Things to know about Excel pivot tables

Many Excel experts believe that Pivot Tables are the single most powerful tool in Excel. This article provides more than 20 tips you should know to work productively with Excel Pivot Tables.

A simple model for measuring the value of improving a skill

In this article, we take a look at a simple model that calculates the time that could be saved by doing a task or activity with more skill. The goal is to visualize whether it makes sense to invest in getting better at a skill.

54 powerful Excel shortcuts
A list and description of just over 50 important Excel shortcuts you should know if you spend a lot of time in Excel. This is a summarized version of the more than 200 shortcuts that are available in Excel for both Windows and Mac platforms.
The Excel Ribbon

Does it ever bother you that the ribbon sits up there at the top of the workbook, smugly hogging a bunch of space while you toil away in your (smaller) worksheet below?

How to group pivot table data by age

In this article, we look at how to use a pivot table to group voting data by age. This is a good example of the "group by number" feature that all pivot tables share.

Google adwords profitability worksheet
In this article, we build a model using the seldom-seen Data Table to visualize at what point an Adwords campaign becomes profitable.


Download 200+ Excel Shortcuts

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