To add or subtract workdays to a date, taking into account custom workdays and holidays, you can use the WORKDAY.INTL function. In the example shown, the formula in D6 is:


This formula adds 7 workdays days to Tuesday, Dec 22. Three holidays are supplied and weekends are set using 11 for the weekend argument, which means "Sunday only". The result is Wednesday, December 30, 2015.

Generic formula

=WORKDAY.INTL(start_date,days,weekend, holidays)


By default, the WORKDAY.INTL function will exclude weekends (Saturday and Sunday). In this case, however, we have supplied 11 for this argument, which means "Sunday only". We have also supplied a list of 3 holidays that all fall in the date range being calculated, which means that the holidays and Sundays will be excluded. The table below shows which dates are non-working days (shaded in violet) with and without holidays provided:

No holidays Holidays provided
Wed, 23-Dec-2015 Wed, 23-Dec-2015
Thu, 24-Dec-2015 Thu, 24-Dec-2015
Fri, 25-Dec-2015 Fri, 25-Dec-2015
Sat, 26-Dec-2015 Sat, 26-Dec-2015
Sun, 27-Dec-2015 Sun, 27-Dec-2015
Mon, 28-Dec-2015 Mon, 28-Dec-2015
Tue, 29-Dec-2015 Tue, 29-Dec-2015
Wed, 30-Dec-2015 Wed, 30-Dec-2015
Thu, 31-Dec-2015 Thu, 31-Dec-2015
Fri, 01-Jan-2016 Fri, 01-Jan-2016
Sat, 02-Jan-2016 Sat, 02-Jan-2016
Sun, 03-Jan-2016 Sun, 03-Jan-2016

The left column highlights non-working days when no holidays are provided:


The right column highlights non-working days when the three holidays in B9:B11 are provided:


In both formulas, the weekend argument is set to 11 to specify that the work week is Monday through Saturday and Sundays are a weekend day.

The WORKDAY.INTL function provides many options for customizing which days of the week are workdays.
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