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Sum by month ignore year

Excel formula: Sum by month ignore year
Generic formula 

To sum data by month, ignoring year, you can use a formula based on the SUMPRODUCT and MONTH functions. In the example shown, the formula in H6 is:


The result is a total of all sales in March, ignoring year.


This data set contains over 2900 records, and the formula above uses two named ranges:

dates = B5:B2932
amounts =  E5:E2932

Inside the SUMPRODUCT function, the MONTH function is used to extract the month number for every date in the data set, and compare it with the number 3:


If we assume a small data set listing 3 dates each in January, February, and March (in that order), the result would be an array containing nine numbers like this:


where each number is the "month number" for a date. When the values are compared to 3, the result is an array like this:


This array is then multiplied by the amount values associated with each March date. If we assume all nine amounts are equal to 100, the operation looks like this:

{0;0;0;0;0;0;1;1;1} * {100;100;100;100;100;100;100;100;100}

Notice the math operation changes the TRUE FALSE values into ones and zeros. After multiplication, we have a single array in SUMPRODUCT:


Note the only surviving amounts are associated with March, the rest are zero.

Finally, SUMPRODUCT returns the sum of all items – 300 in the abbreviated example above, and 25,521 in the screenshot with actual data.

Count by month ignoring year

To get a count by month ignoring year, you can use SUMPRODUCT like this:


Average by month ignoring year

To calculate and average by month ignoring year, you combine the two SUMPRODUCT formulas above like this:

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