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Subtotal invoices by age

Excel formula: Subtotal invoices by age
Generic formula 

If you need to subtotal invoice amounts by age, you can easily do so with the SUMIF function.

In the example shown, the formula in G5 is:


Where age is a named range for the range E5:E11, and amount is a named range for D5:D11.


The SUMIF function takes three arguments: range, criteria, and sum_range.

In this case, we are using:

Range: the range of cells (E5:E11) to which criteria in column G is applied.

Criteria: G5 - a reference to the adjacent cell in column G, which contains the criteria. This is a relative address so that it will change when copied down.

Sum_range: the range of cells (D5:D11) that is summed when the criteria is TRUE.

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