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Count items in list

Excel formula: Count items in list
Generic formula 

To create a count of the values that appear in in a list or table, you can use the COUNTIFS function. In the example shown, the formula in D5 is:


How this formula works

The COUNTIFS function takes range/criteria pairs, and delivers a count when all criteria match. This example, contains two range/criteria pairs.

In pair 1, the range is B:B (entered as a full column reference) and the criteria is B5. By itself, this pair would return a count of every value in column B.

In pair 2, the range is C:C, and the criteria is C5. By itself, this pair would return a count of every value in column C.

Because both pairs appear in the same COUNTIFs function, they link the values in column B with those in column C, and COUNTIFS generates a count of each B/C combination that appears in the table.

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