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Excel TIME Function

Excel TIME function

The Excel TIME function is a built-in function that allows you to create a time with individual hour, minute, and second components. The TIME function is useful when you want to assemble a proper time inside another formula.

Create a time with hours, minutes, and seconds
Return value 
A decimal number representing a particular time in Excel.
=TIME (hour, minute, second)
  • hour - The hour for the time you wish to create.
  • minute - The minute for the time you wish to create.
  • second - The second for the time you wish to create.
Usage notes 

The TIME function creates a date in serial number format from the hour, minute, and second components you specify. Use it to create a valid time when you have (or can supply) these component values separately. Once you have a valid time, you can format it any way you like.


=TIME(3,0,0) // 3 hours
=TIME(0,3,0) // 3 minutes
=TIME(0,0,3) // 3 seconds
=TIME(8,30,0) // 8.5 hours


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