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Excel ROUND Function

Excel ROUND function

The Excel ROUND function returns a number rounded to a given number of digits. The ROUND function can round to the right or left of the decimal point.

Round a number to a given number of digits
Return value 
A rounded number.
=ROUND (number, num_digits)
  • number - The number to round.
  • num_digits - The number of digits to which number should be rounded.
Usage notes 

The ROUNDDOWN function rounds a number to a given number of places. The number of places to round to is controlled by the number of digits provided to ROUND, as seen in the table below:

Digits Behavior
>0 Round to nearest .1, .01, .001, etc.
<0 Round to nearest 10, 100, 1000, etc.
=0 Round to nearest 1

Example #1 - round to right

To round values to the right of the decimal point, use a positive number for digits:  

=ROUND(A1,1) // Round to 1 decimal place
=ROUND(A1,2) // Round to 2 decimal places
=ROUND(A1,3) // Round to 3 decimal places
=ROUND(A1,4) // Round to 4 decimal places

Example #2 - round to left

To round down values to the left of the decimal point, use zero or a negative number for digits:  

=ROUND(A1,0) // Round to nearest whole number
=ROUND(A1,-1) // Round to nearest 10
=ROUND(A1,-2) // Round to nearest 100
=ROUND(A1,-3) // Round to nearest 1000
=ROUND(A1,-4) // Round to nearest 10000

Example #3 - nesting inside ROUND

Other operations and functions can be nested inside the ROUND function. For example, to round down the result of A1 divided by B1, you can ROUND in a formula like this:

=ROUND(A1/B1,0) // round result to nearest integer

Any formula that returns a numeric result can be nested inside the ROUND function.

Rounding functions in Excel


  • Round works by rounding numbers 1-4 down, and rounding numbers 5-9 up.
  • The ROUND function rounds numbers to a specified level of precision, determied by num_digits.
  • If a number is already rounded to the given number of places, no rounding occurs.

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