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Excel HYPERLINK Function

Excel HYPERLINK function

The Excel HYPERLINK function returns a hyperlink from a given destination and "friendly name". You can use HYPERLINK to construct a clickable hyperlink with a formula. The HYPERLINK function can build links to workbook locations, pages on the internet, or to files on network servers.

Create a clickable link.
Return value 
A clickable hyperlink
=HYPERLINK (link_location, [friendly_name])
  • link_location - The path to the file or page to be opened.
  • friendly_name - [optional] The link text to display in a cell.
Usage notes 

Use the HYPERLINK function to create links to workbook locations, pages on the internet, or to files on network servers.

When a user clicks a cell that contains the HYPERLINK function, Excel will open the file or page specified by link_location. Link_location can be a cell reference or named range, a path to a file stored on a local drive, a path a file on a server using Universal Naming Convention (UNC), or an internet path in Uniform Resource Locator (URL) format.

Example #1 - basic link

To link to https://exceljet.net/ with the text "exceljet":


Example #2 - email link

To link to a valid email address in A1, you can concatenate "mailto:" like this:

=HYPERLINK("mailto:"&A1,"email") // link to email address in A1

With two email addresses in A1 and A2, you can create a link like this:

=HYPERLINK("mailto:"&A1&","&B1,"email") // two emails

This formula example explains how to construct a more complete mailto email link with cc, subject, body, etc.


  • Link_location should be supplied as a text string in quotation marks or a cell reference that contains the link path as text.
  • If friendly_name is not supplied, the HYPERLINK will display link_location as the friendly_name.
  • To select a cell that contains HYPERLINK without jumping to the destination, use arrow keys to select the cell. Alternatively, click on the cell and hold the mouse button down until the cursor changes.

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