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Excel MROUND Function

Excel MROUND function

The Excel MROUND function returns a number rounded to a given multiple. MROUND will round a number up or down, depending on the nearest multiple.

Round a number to the nearest specified multiple
Return value 
A rounded number.
=MROUND (number, significance)
  • number - The number that should be rounded.
  • significance - The multiple to use when rounding.
Usage notes 

The MROUND function rounds a number to the nearest given multiple. The multiple to use for rounding is provided as the significance argument. If the number is already an exact multiple, no rounding occurs and the original number is returned.

Example #1 - round to nearest 5

To round a number in A1 to the nearest multiple of 5, you can use MROUND like this:

=MROUND(A1,5) // round to nearest 5

Example #2 - round pricing to nearest .99

MROUND can be used to round pricing to end with .99.  The formula below will round a value in A1 to the nearest 1 dollar, subtract 1 cent, and return a final price like $2.99, $5.99, $49.99, etc.

=MROUND(A1,1) - 0.01 // round to nearest .99

Example #3 - round time to nearest 15 minutes

MROUND can be used to round time. To round a time in A1 to the nearest 15 minutes, you can use a formula like this:

=MROUND(A1,"0:15") // round to nearest 15 min

Rounding functions in Excel

Excel provides a number of functions for rounding:


  • If a number is already an exact multiple, no rounding occurs.
  • Rounding occurs when the remainder from dividing number by multiple is greater than or equal to half the value of multiple
  • Number and multiple must have the same sign.

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