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Excel ISODD Function

Excel ISODD function

The Excel ISODD function returns TRUE when a numeric value is odd, and FALSE for even numbers. ISODD will return the #VALUE error when a value is not numeric.

Test if a value is odd
Return value 
A logical value (TRUE or FALSE)
=ISODD (value)
  • value - The numeric value to check.
Usage notes 

Use the ISODD function to check if a numeric value is an odd number. ISODD will return TRUE when a numeric value is odd and FALSE when a numeric value is even. If value is not numeric, ISODD will return the #VALUE error.

For example, =ISODD(A1) will return TRUE if A1 contains the number 3 and FALSE if A1 contains the number 4.

Usually, value is supplied as a cell address.

ISODD is part of a group of functions called the IS functions that all return the logical values TRUE or FALSE.

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