Pie charts are one of the simplest chart types in Excel, good for showing "part-to-whole" relationships with data in a small number of categories. Pie charts get a lot of criticism in the professional data visualization world, but they are compact and effective when the number of categories is small (2-5) and the relative size of each category is clear. In this example, a pie chart is used to plot the results of the survey question "What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?".

The data used for this pie chart is below:

Data used in this pie chart

Note data does not include percentage breakdown — this is handled directly in the chart.

How to make this chart

  1. Select the data, then Insert > Pie chart on the ribbon:
    Select the data, then Insert > Pie chart on the ribbon
  2. Chose the first 2D pie option:
    Select first 2d pie chart option
  3. Initial chart after insert:
    Initial chart after insert
  4. Select and delete the legend
  5. Add data labels:
    Add data labels to pie chart
  6. Select data labels, and set display to show category name and percentage with a new line separator:
    Format data labels to show category name and percentage
  7. Set data label text to white (if desired)
  8. Final chart with title:
    Final chart after editing title
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