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Trump approval first 100 days

Excel stacked bar chart - Trump approval first 100 days

I first saw a link to this chart on Politico. The original chart is a clustered column chart, but I though it would be interesting to show the data in a stacked bar chart instead. Stacked bar charts make it a lot easier to compare bar lengths. Here's the original:

Original clustered column chart - Trump first 100 days approval

One thing to note is the approval and disapproval ratings don't add up to 100%. This is due to some survey respondents expressing no opinion. I played with plotting "no opinion" as a another data series in the chart, but decided to leave it out to keep things simple.

Update: The Washington Post now has a full page of fancy poll result charts.

Steps to create

  1. Add the data to a worksheet
  2. Select the data
  3. Insert > Recommended Charts > Stacked Bar Chart
  4. Delete vertical gridlines
  5. Move legend to top
  6. Add title and increase font size
  7. Add data labels


President Approve Disapprove
Trump 42% 53%
Obama 69% 26%
Bush 43 63% 32%
Clinton 59% 39%
Bush 41 71% 22%
Reagan 73% 19%
Carter 63% 18%
Ford 48% 32%
Nixon 61% 12%
Johnson 77% 9%
Kennedy 78% 6%
Eisenhower 73% 10%
Truman 87% 3%

Sources: langerresearch.com, Washington Post-ABC Poll (Reagan-Trump), Gallup polls (Eisenhower-Carter) | wapo.st/pollarchive

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Dave Bruns

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