Above: Using the FILTER function to return multiple matches on "red".

In fall 2018, Microsoft announced a new feature in Excel called "dynamic array formulas". In a nutshell, this feature allows formulas to return multiple results to a range of cells on the worksheet based on a single formula entered in one cell. This behavior is called "spilling" and results appear in a "spill range". All results are dynamic – if source content changes, the results dynamically update to stay in sync.

To leverage this feature, Microsoft also released new dynamic array functions:

Function Purpose
FILTER Filter data and return matching records
RANDARRAY Generate array of random numbers
SEQUENCE Generate array of sequential numbers
SORT Sort range by column
SORTBY Sort range by another range or array
UNIQUE Extract unique values from a list or range
XLOOKUP Modern replacement for VLOOKUP
XMATCH Modern replacement for the MATCH function

These functions make many long-standing and difficult problems in Excel much easier.

For details and examples, see: Dynamic Array Formulas in Excel

Dynamic Arrays are only available in Office 365.