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SUMIFS with horizontal range

Excel formula: SUMIFS with horizontal range

To use SUMIFS with a horizontal range, be sure both the sum range and criteria range are the same dimensions. In the example shown, the formula in cell I5 is:


which returns the total of items in "Red" columns for each row.

How this formula works

Normally, SUMIFS is used with data in a vertical arrangement, but it can also be used in cases where data is arranged horizontally. The trick is to make sure the sum range and criteria range are the same dimensions. In the example shown, the formula in cell I5, copied down the column is:


Notice the criteria range, B4:G4 is locked as an absolute reference to prevent changes as the formula is copied.

Totals for each color

By carefully using a combination of absolute and mixed references, you can calculate totals for each color in a summary table. Notice in the example below, we are now picking up the cell references, I4, J4, and K4 to use directly as criteria:

SUMIFS horizontal range to subtotal rows

The formula below in cell I5, copied down and across the table is:


Notice references are set up carefully so that the formula can be copied across and down:

  • The sum range, $B5:$G5, is a mixed reference with columns locked
  • The criteria range, B$4:$G$4 is absolute and fully locked as before
  • The criteria is a mixed reference, I$4, with the row locked
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