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Sum if cells are equal to

Excel formula: Sum if cells are equal to

To sum numbers based on cells being equal to a certain value, you can use either the SUMIF or SUMIFS functions. In the example shown, we are summing all sales in the West region. The formula in cell H6 is:


The formula in cell H7 is:


Both formulas refer to the named ranges "region" (C5:C30) and "amount" (E5:E30).


Both formulas use built-in functions to calculate a subtotal, but the syntax used by SUMIF and SUMIFS is slightly different:


In both cases, note that the region "West" must be enclosed in double quotes, since it is a text value.

Whether you use SUMIF or SUMIFS (which can handle more than one criteria) is a matter of personal preference. SUMIFS was introduced with Excel 2007, so it's been around now for a long time.

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