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Filter text contains

Excel formula: Filter text contains
Generic formula 

To filter data to include data based on a "contains specific text" logic, you can use the FILTER function with help from the ISNUMBER function and SEARCH function. In the example shown, the formula in F5 is:

=FILTER(B5:D14,ISNUMBER(SEARCH("rd",B5:B14)),"No results")

Which retrieves data where the street column contains "rd".


This formula relies on the FILTER function to retrieve data based on a logical test. The array argument is provided as B5:D14, which contains the full set of data without headers. The include argument is based on a logical test based on the ISNUMBER and SEARCH functions:


In brief, the SEARCH function is set up to look for the text "rd" inside the street data in B5:B14. Because this range includes 10 cells, 10 results are returned. Each result is either a number (text found) or a #VALUE error (text not found):


And the resulting array returned to the FILTER function as the include argument:


This array is used by the FILTER function to retrieve matching data. Only rows where the result is TRUE make it into the final output.

Finally, the if_empty argument is set to "No results" in case no matching data is found.


The SEARCH function supports wildcards, so the filter logic can include these characters.


For a partial match, case-sensitive filter, you can adjust the formula to use the FIND function instead of SEARCH like this:


Note: FIND is case-sensitive, but does not support wildcards.

Dynamic Array Formulas are only available in Excel 365 and Excel 2021.
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