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Excel QUARTILE.EXC Function

Excel QUARTILE.EXC function

The Excel QUARTILE.EXC function returns the quartile for a given set of data. QUARTILE.EXC can return, first quartile, second quartile, and third quartile.

Get the quartile in a data set
Return value 
Value for requested quartile
=QUARTILE.EXC (array, quart)
  • array - A reference containing data to analyze.
  • quart - The quartile value to return, 1-3.
Usage notes 

Use the QUARTILE.EXC function to get the quartile for a given set of data. QUARTILE.EXC takes two arguments, the array containing numeric data to analyze, and quart, indicating which quartile value to return. The QUARTILE.EXC function accepts 3 values for the quart argument, as shown in the table below.

Quart Return value
1 First quartile – 25th percentile
2 Median value – 50th percentile
3 Third quartile – 75th percentile


Percentiles can be defined as "greater than or equal to" (inclusive) or "greater than" (exclusive). The QUARTILE.INC function is inclusive and has "greater than or equal to" behavior. QUARTILE.EXC is exclusive, and has "greater than" behavior.  The screen below shows how QUARTILE.INC and QUARTILE.EXC return different results for the same data. Note QUARTILE.EXC cannot be used to get the minimum or maximum value like QUARTILE.INC. 


Note: Starting with Excel 2010, the QUARTILE.EXC and QUARTILE.INC functions replace the QUARTILE function, which is now classified as a compatibility function.

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