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30+ Excel Shortcuts in 12 minutes

Shortcuts are a great way to save time and energy in Excel, but there are more than 200, so the list can seem overwhelming. In this rapid fire video, we demonstrate more than 30 popular Excel shortcuts you can use to save time every day in Excel. We built this list of shortcuts based on a survey of over 800 Excel users.
Video Transcript 

Excel shortcuts are a great way to save time, conserve energy, and prevent mistakes.

But with more than 200 shortcuts to choose from, where do you start? In this rapid-fire video, we demonstrate more than 30 popular Excel shortcuts, based on a survey we did of over 800 Excel users. These are practical shortcuts you can use to save time every day in Excel.

Shortcuts shown in the video

Cut, copy, paste - Control X, C, V (Mac: you can also use Command). If you aren't using these every day you're crazy :)  Bonus: once you've copied to the clipboard, you can press enter / return to paste.

Extend selection - Control + Shift + arrow keys (Mac: you can also use Command). These are absolutely critical shortcuts when you're working with a large set of data and want to extend your selection to the bottom, or any edge.

Paste Special - Control + Alt + V (Mac: Control + Command + V). Paste Special is extremely powerful. You can paste values, paste formulas, paste formatting, and even paste column widths!

Fill down - Control D. An excellent way to copy values from the cell above without copy paste. Works on more than one cell at the same time. Bonus: Fill right, Control + R copy values from left to right in one step.

Toggle formula references - F4 (Mac: Command Shift T). Who likes to type $ signs in a formula? No one. Use this shortcut to quickly rotate through all absolute and relative formula reference options (i.e. A1, $A$1, $A1, A$1).

Autosum - Alt = (Mac: Command + T). A classic "magic" shortcut to automatically insert a sum function. You can use autosum to sum rows, columns, or even an entire table in one step.

Toggle filters - Control + Shift + L (Mac: Command + Shift + F). An excellent shortcut to apply and clear all filters. I use this combo all the time to "reset" a table with many filters applied...much faster than "unfiltering" each column manually.

Current date and time - Control + ; (date) Control + Shift + : (time).  If you need to insert the current date or time, it's magic.

Select all - Control A (Mac: you can also use Command). This shortcut will select all data in the "same region". Use it whenever you want to select an entire table, or data in the same region.

Go to first cell / last cell - Control + Home, Control + End.  (Mac:  fn + Control + left arrow, fn + Control + right arrow. Very satisfying when you want to go instantly to the first cell or last cell of a worksheet, no matter where you are. Bonus: add the shift key to select everything along the way.

Repeat last action - F4 or Control Y (Mac: Command + Y). Did you know that many commands can be repeated? You can use this for things like applying the same borders, format, or even to insert a worksheet again. (Note: on Mac Excel, this shortcut doesn't do as much).

Data navigation - Control + arrow key(s) (Mac: you can also use Command). These shortcuts are "must know" if you work with large sets of data. They let you move to the edges of the data instantly, without tedious scrolling. Bonus: with a lot of data selected,

control + period (.) will move the active cell to the corners of all cells. This is a great way to scroll the top of a worksheet back into view without losing current selection.

Fill handle - double click that little square at the bottom right of any selection. While not a keyboard shortcut, it's still one of the most powerful features in Excel, because it will copy a formula (or a pattern) down a column to the bottom of a table in one click.

Insert / delete columns and rows - To insert: with an entire row or column selected, use Control+ Shift ++ (Mac: Control + I, but in 2016, same as Windows). To delete: with an entire row or column selected, use Control + minus(-) .

Edit cell - F2 (Mac: control + U) to enter "edit mode" for the active cell without taking your hands off the keyboard. Works like double-clicking to edit a cell.

Enter same formula in multiple cells - Control + Enter. Use this whenever you want to enter the same data or formula in more than one cell at a time. It's way faster than copy and paste. Start by selecting all cells.

Format cells - Control + 1 (Command + 1). Most people know this as the shortcut for the Format Cells dialog, but you can also use it to format almost anything in Excel, without the ribbon. Try it for chart elements.

Select visible cells only - Alt + ; (Mac: command + shift + Z). This is the secret to copying only visible data when you manually hide rows and columns

New Table - Control + T.  Very handy when you want to convert a set of data to a "proper" Excel table with filters and formatting. Tables are a powerful and convenient way to handle lots of data easily.

Toggle formulas on and off - Control + `. A very fast way to (temporarily) reveal all formulas in a worksheet. Use it again to turn formulas off again.

Dave Bruns

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