Video lessons in this course

What you'll learn

Excel shortcut basics

  • How shortcuts are organized in Excel
  • How to open and navigate dialog boxes with your keyboard
  • How shortcuts on the Mac are different & what you need to know

General shortcuts

  • Shortcuts to create, open, close, and print worksheets
  • The shortcut for "Save as" to save a copy of any worksheet
  • Shortcuts to cut, copy, paste, plus how to use drag and drop
  • Ways to edit cells without using your mouse
  • How to move through a cell, word by word
  • How to undo, redo, and repeat actions with your keyboard
  • The shortcut to quit Excel when you finish your work to go home early :)

Shortcuts for Paste Special

  • The amazing power of the Paste Special Dialog
  • How to strip all formatting and leave only values and/or formulas
  • How copy and paste *only* formatting
  • Use Paste Special to adjust dates or numbers *without* formulas
  • Transpose horizontal to vertical, or vice versa
  • Copy and paste column widths (good to make one sheet look like another)

Shortcuts for entering data

  • How to enter the same value (or formula) in one or more cells at once
  • Enter the current date or time with simple shortcuts
  • Powerful shortcuts to copy from cells above or to the left, without copy & paste

Shortcuts for the Ribbon

  1. How ribbon shortcuts work
  2. How to navigate the ribbon, and select commands with only the keyboard
  3. How to collapse the ribbon with a shortcut when you don't need it

Shortcuts for Find and Replace

  • The shortcut to open Find, and Find and Replace (they're different)
  • How to find something again without opening the Find dialog
  • How to use wildcards in Find to find fuzzy matches
  • How to move back to the previous match found

Shortcuts for Functions and Formulas

  • Quickly toggle absolute and relative references
  • Manage calculation, and force Excel to calculate
  • How to evaluate a formula (a key skill if you work with many formulas)
  • Special shortcuts & tips for entering functions
  • The shortcut to enter an array formula
  • A quick way to "auto sum" an entire table (rows and columns)
  • How to quickly expand and collapse the formula bar to see multi-line formulas
  • Shortcuts to create, edit, and list named ranges

Shortcuts for Selecting cells

  • How to select rows, columns, and entire tables
  • How to extend selections in any direction
  • Shortcuts to move the "active cell" inside a selection (key power user skill)
  • How to select "special cells" like formulas, values, blank cells, logicals, etc.
  • How to select row differences and column differences
  • Shortcuts to select the current work area

Shortcuts for Navigation

  • How to move the first cell, the last cell, or any cell in a worksheet
  • How to scroll an invisible active cell into focus (without changing it)
  • How to "escape" a large selection and select only the original cell
  • How to move back and forth through worksheet tabs with the keyboard
  • Keys for scrolling left & right, and up & down.

Grid operations

  • How to hide and unhide rows and columns
  • How to insert and delete groups of cells with only the keyboard
  • Shortcuts to insert and delete rows and columns (works with multiples)
  • How to group and outline data with shortcuts (includes "auto-outline")
  • How to hide and show outline numbers


  • How to create a proper Excel Table with a simple keystroke
  • The shortcut to open a single filter, and clear a single filter
  • How to toggle filters on and off (a great way to clear all filters at once)
  • How tables make shortcuts for selecting rows and columns even more powerful
  • Why Tables + drag and drop are a great combination (great way to copy in a table)

Q + A

Why Excel Shortcuts?

Excel has a huge number of shortcuts, but most people hardly use any. As a result, a huge amount of time is wasted every day by intelligent people flailing away in Excel's complicated interface, doing all the hard work that Excel could do for them. It's not their fault. Excel's shortcuts can be challenging, and almost no one gets good training.

Will the course work for both Windows and Mac?

Yes. The videos were recorded in Excel 2010 on Windows 7, but all videos show shortcuts for both Windows and Mac, and we include material specifically for Mac users.

Do you have a guarantee?

Of course! If you aren't happy with the course, just let us know within 30 days and we'll give you a full refund. We're always interested in your feedback (so we can make the course better), but this a no-hassle guarantee. We want you to be completely happy.

How do I access the course content?

When you purchase the course, an account will be created for you automatically on the Exceljet website. You'll receive an email immediately with a link to login, and when you do log in, you'll have full access to all videos and practice worksheets for the course(s) you purchased.

Why short videos?

We believe that less is more. We think people learn quickly and effectively with a no-nonsense approach that is quick, clean, and to the point.