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What are pivot tables good for?

So, what are pivot tables good for?

In the last video, we we looked at the question Why Pivot Tables? and I focused on their speed. I showed you how a pivot table will beat even an advanced user every time. We kept score of the clicks, shortcuts, and formulas needed for both approaches and it's not even close. If you missed that one, you should have a look.

In this video, we shift from why to what, and we explore some ways you can use pivot table with different kinds of data. In particular, we look at how pivot tables help you answer questions about data...even ugly transactional data that no one else wants to touch.

In fact, they are so good at this, that once you get the hang of using pivot tables, you'll find you've become a bit of a data snob. Someone will try to give you some crappy pre-formatted report to work with, and find yourself saying:

Can I just get the raw data, please?

You've been warned :)

You can use a pivot table to analyze almost any data you can get your hands on.  So, if you're in marketing, sales, science, business, IT, customer service, support, or even if you just want to analyze your monthly expenses, you can do it with a pivot table.

Have a look at the video, then share your thoughts or questions about pivot tables below.

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