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10 pivot table problems and easy fixes

With pivot tables, it's often the little things that are frustrating...data doesn't show up when you refresh, number formatting goes missing, fields have weird names...things like that. In this short video, we look at 10 common pivot table problems + 10 easy fixes. Here are the problems we look at:

  1. New data not included when you refresh
  2. You want totals and percent of total
  3. You don't want a data sheet
  4. You don't like the automatic field names
  5. Your number formatting gets lost
  6. You want to see the data behind a subtotal
  7. Grouping one pivot table affects another
  8. Refreshing a pivot messes up column widths
  9. Field headings make no sense and add clutter
  10. There are blanks in your pivot table

Are you having other problems with pivot tables? Leave a comment below we'll try to help you out.

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