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Excel Pros

This page is a list of Excel experts who maintain great online resources. The sort order is random, and updates a few times a day (because we're geeks and can't resist that sort of thing).

Jon Schwabish runs a cool blog over at PolicyViz.com, where he often covers advanced techniques for data visualization using Excel. Jon has a M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics, and writes widely on data visualization and presentation techniques. He recently published a book called "Better Presentations" and a PDF booklet on advanced data visualization in Excel. Jon also hosts a weekly podcast (with over 100 episodes so far) where interviews experts in both the data visualization world and the Excel world. His podcast is a great way to get to know key people working in these areas.

Jon Acampora is an Excel MVP who runs a cool Excel site called ExcelCampus (http://www.excelcampus.com/). ExcelCampus contains detailed articles and videos that follow two primary themes: (1) making things simpler and easier, and (2) working more efficiently in Excel. As John says There is always 10 different ways to do the same task, and I want to learn or create the fastest way to accomplish that task. Here are some good examples of what you can find on Jon's site: VLOOKUP Explained, Excel Tables for Windows & Mac, and How To Jump to the Last Cell in a Selected Range. Also, Jon creates custom Excel add-ins which you can find on the download page.

Mynda Treacy is co-founder of the online training site MyOnlineTrainingHub.com, which she manages together with her husband, Phil. The site contains an active blog, which is predominantly focused on tutorials for Excel. Many of the tutorials are very detailed and include video. MyOnlineTrainingHub also provides paid video training courses, but a good deal of content on the site is free. One of the courses developed by Mynda is a thorough and well-received course on Excel dashboards.

Allen Wyatt is the Excel expert behind two large Excel sites: excel.tips.net, and excelribbon.tips.net. Excel.tips.net provides tips for Excel 97-2003, and excelribbon.tips.net covers Excel 2007-2016. Allen has been publishing his ExcelTips newsletter every week since November 1998. As of early 2016, he has more than 3000 Excel tips on both sites together. The tips themselves cover a wide range of topics, including formulas, macros, formatting, graphics, data validation, and many other categories. Allen has been working in the computer and publishing industries for more than two decades, and has published more than 50 non-fiction books.

Jon Wittwer runs the website vertex42.com, a site specializing in high quality templates, calculators, calendars, schedules, and other tools designed to educate and increase productivity. Vertex42 hosts a huge variety of Excel templates, including calendars, invoice templates, mortgage calculators, grade books, financial statements, todo lists — even wedding and meal planners! In addition, Jon has written some interesting articles on Excel, and maintains a blog. Not to miss: a great list of over 100 Excel tips

Jon Peltier runs the popular Excel charting site PeltierTech.com, and is the developer of the Peltier Tech Chart Utility, which provides new chart types and charting utilities to Excel. PeltierTech features excellent in-depth charting tutorials that provide instructions on overcoming many charting problems, some of which seem insurmountable at first glance.  For examples, see Clustered and Stacked Column and Bar Charts or Excel Waterfall Charts (Bridge Charts). Jon also maintains an active blog where he covers a wide range of Excel-related topics.

Dick Kusleika is an Excel expert and author who manages dailydoseofexcel.com. DailyDoseOfExcel is a long-running Excel blog with a variety of contributors. The majority of posts are written by Dick himself, but a good number are written by other Excel Experts. Many posts feature detailed, pro-level VBA examples. Topics are eclectic, and include, for example, code to remove .vcf attachments in Outlook, code to create a pivot table in one step from a selection, and code to solve a variety of Euler problems. Entertaining and useful at the same time.

Mike Girvin is known online by the name ExcelIsFun. On on his Youtube channel he has an astonishing collection of over 2200 videos on Excel, organized in over 50 playlists. Mike has an almost encyclopedic understanding of Excel and is an extremely enthusiastic teacher, which you'll immediately notice in any of his videos. He has also published 2 books on Excel and several DVDs.

His full name is Purna Duggirala, but he is known online by his nickname, Chandoo. Together with a small team, he runs a very busy Excel site at chandoo.org. Chandoo started chandoo.org in 2004 and shifted focus to Microsoft Excel in 2007. Notable sections include advanced Excel skills, formulas, dashboards, and VBA. Chandoo.org also hosts an active forum with over 100,000 messages. Chandoo has a knack for combining technical know-how with a wonderfully warm and human perspective.

John Walkenbach is a prolific and bestselling Microsoft Excel author, with a clear and direct writing style. He has written over 50 books about Excel, including books on VBA, formulas, and the bestselling Excel Bible series. John used to also maintain the spreadsheetpage.com website, but it is no longer online.

Ron de Bruin is an Excel developer who works with both Mac and Windows versions of Excel. He runs the wonderfully spartan website rondebruin.nl. On his site, you can find both Windows and Mac tips, which are focused on VBA solutions to a variety of business problems. You can also find the Excel Function Bible, and articles Ron has written for MSDN and other publications.

Bob Umlas is the longest running Excel MVP. He has been working with Excel since version 0.99, and has received the Excel MVP award for more than 20 years, since the inception of the program in 1995! Bob is a prolific contributor to the AllExperts site (bio and recent posts here) and a frequent speaker at Excel User Conference meetings. He is also the author of Excel Outside the BoxThis Isn't Excel, It's Magic, and more than 300 articles on all aspects of Excel (examples here). In addition, Bob is the technical editor of Bill Jelen's Excel books.

Rob Collie is an expert on PowerPivot, a free extension to Excel 2010 and 2013 that lets you mashup and analyze huge sets of disparate data without using complicated VLOOKUPS. He was one of the founding engineers behind PowerPivot while at Microsoft, and has authored two popular books on the subject. Rob also runs PowerpivotPro, a website that provides great information about PowerPivot and Excel. For a quick intro to PowerPivot, see Temperature Mashup Example and What is PowerPivot.

Leila Gharani is an Excel MVP and trainer specializing in dashboards and visualization. She runs her own Excel site at www.xelplus.com, and has an active YouTube channel, with many excellent, detailed videos. Leila covers advanced topics, yet her style is accessible. She often presents several options, and explains the pros and cons of each approach. Good examples of her work: Lookup values across multiple worksheets and Simple Excel Dynamic Map Chart.

Jeff Lenning is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and CPA who specializes in training for accounting professionals. He runs the website Excel University, which contains a wide assortment of useful Excel resources and training. Jeff has a passionate and friendly style – he loves sharing what he's learned about Excel over the years. He writes articles, blogs, creates videos, and hosts free webinars. One distinction of Jeff's training is that it qualifies for CPE credit if you need it. Have a look through his blog - there is lot's of useful stuff there. Jeff covers shortcuts, tables, formulas, power query, and more.

Ken Puls is a Certified Management Accountant (CPA, CMA) in Canada, and works as the Controller for a resort on Vancouver Island. In the Excel world, Ken is the Chief Training Officer at Excelguru.ca. Excelguru is a large Excel website that features a diverse forum, and a knowledge base with a variety of Excel tips, downloads, courses, and other Excel resources. Ken also maintains a blog with detailed posts on Excel, as well as other tools like Power Query and Power Pivot.

Sumit Bansal is an Excel pro in India, and runs an Excel site TrumpExcel. He was recently awarded the Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) status for sharing his Excel knowledge and helping people learn Excel. Sumit covers a lot of advanced Excel material in detail on his site and in many cases he provides videos to go along with his articles. For good examples, see: 7 wonders of conditional formatting, How to Create a Dependent Drop Down List, and Get more out of Find and Replace

Charley Kyd runs the website exceluser.com, which is focused on Excel in Business. His experience with spreadsheets spans more than 30 years - he was first introduced to Excel while writing a cover story for Business Software magazine about the introduction of Excel for the PC. Charley was one of the original developers of dashboard-style reporting, and ExcelUser.com has a section dedicated to the dashboards. ExcelUser also has sections for formulas and vba, reports and finance, and some great resource lists.

Andy Pope is a software developer who specializes in creating automated reporting systems based on Excel and Powerpoint. He also runs the website andypope.info, which provides a number of good Excel resources, mostly focused on data visualization and charting in Excel. There is a section for VBA code solutions and examples, a list of tips, a good sized list of Excel sites, and detailed replies to forum questions Andy has answered  (with sample worksheets).

Jordan runs the website http://optionexplicitvba.com and is one of the hosts and producers of Excel.TV (http://excel.tv/). He is an Excel MVP and specializes in Dashboards and Data Visualization, but he also writes a lot about VBA. In 2014, he authored the book Advanced Excel Essentials. Jordan's writing style is detailed and opinionated. Some examples: It’s time to say “Goodbye,” to Hungarian Notation, Another way to do bullet graphs in Excel, and The Excel Rollover Mini FAQ.

Debra Dalgleish is an independent computer consultant who specializes in Microsoft Excel and Access development. Debra runs the website Contextures, which features a wide-ranging collection of quality Excel information. In addition to an active blog, Contextures has a great list of Excel tips (over 300), a list of videos, and a very substantial download page. Debra is also a Pivot Table expert and has authored three books on Excel Pivot Tables. She also provides in-depth information on conditional formatting, data validation, and autofilters.

Rick Grantham is a process improvement consultant who focuses on Excel. He runs an interesting website called Spreadsheet Champion (http://rickgrantham.com) and he hosts ExcelTV, a Google Hangouts show that features Excel experts (authors, blog owners, consultants)  talking about a wide variety of Excel topics. ExcelTV may be the most quirky and interesting thing going on in the Excel community right now. Check it out. Also, Rick has great Excel resource page on his website and a giant list of Excel books.

Ann K. Emery an independent consultant who specializes in data visualization and data analysis. She runs an active blog at http://annkemery.com and writes frequently about Excel. With a background in Evaluation, Ann focuses on the Excel skills needed to collect, analyze, and present data, and many of her articles include how-to videos with great real-world examples. The Excel information on her website is organized in a master index, and sample topics include: importing and merging data sets, cleaning and recoding, pivot tables, and charts. Ann is a good example of a professional using Excel in a specific context.

Charles Williams is an Excel performance expert who who blogs at FastExcel, where he says his objective is to "to share my experiences in my never-ending quest to make Excel go faster!" Charles also publishes Excel speed optimization tips, information on Excel's recalculation engine, and a commercial utility called FastExcel on his website Decision Models. He has some great tips and advice for optimizing formulas and UDFs (User Defined Functions) for speed. Check out Why 2 VLOOKUPS are faster than 1 VLOOKUP and Making your UDFs Efficient.

Bill Jelen is a true luminary in the Excel world. He's been doing Excel consulting since 1998, and has written more than 40 books on Excel. His main website, MrExcel.com, is one of the largest Excel sites, and the forum section is arguably the best Excel forum on the planet, with millions of posts, and a large collection of very sharp Excel experts and enthusiasts. Bill also maintains an active channel of short podcasts on Youtube.

Chip Pearson is a professional developer with a long history with Excel. His site, www.cpearson.com contains a huge and diverse repository of useful Excel information. In addition to a detailed topic index (over 300 entries), you can find a dedicated downloads page and a what's new page. Many of Chip's articles are extremely comprehensive. For example, see a Description of Array Formulas, and Ranking Data In Lists.

Note: Chip passed away due to an accident in 2018. He was a titan in the Excel community and will be dearly missed. His site remains online.

Chris Newman (a.k.a. Chris Macro) is a financial analyst who runs the website www.thespreadsheetguru.com, which is focused on smart ways to analyze data in Excel, particularly with VBA. The Spreadsheet Guru is visually unique, and contains many helpful sections, including tools and utilities, a code vault with many full-blown VBA snippets, and detailed tutorials. As Chris says on his site, Spreadsheet Gurus are always asking the question, "Is there a better, faster, more accurate way to do this?" We couldn't say it better ourselves!

Daniel Ferry covers mostly advanced Excel topics on his site, ExcelHero.com. He's a professional developer with over 25 years experience and has been using Excel since the earlier 1990s. If you're an intermediate to advanced Excel user, and interested in more advanced topics, check out his blog (not updated so far in 2014), which contains some very interesting in-depth articles. Some good examples include The Venerable SUMPRODUCT, The Imposing INDEX, and I Heart IF. Daniel's approach is more abstract, but leads to sophisticated and powerful solutions.

Jan Karel is an long time Excel MVP who develops custom solutions focused on Microsoft Office, with deep expertise in Excel and VBA. He runs the website www.jkp-ads.com, where you can find an interesting collection of articles, training events, and utilities. For a good overview of topics, see this list of in-depth articles. Jan develops some cool and useful utilities for Excel, including NameManager, RefTreeAnalyser, and Flexfind. You can find a full list on the downloads page.

Tom Urtis is a long-time Excel developer, trainer, and author. Tom is a Microsoft MVP for Excel. He owns Atlas Programming (www.atlaspm.com), an Office solutions company specializing in Excel, and has written a good collection of Excel tutorials. Examples include: adding and subtracting time in hours minutes and secondsfinding the relative position of an item in a list or table, and forcing entries to UPPER case. Tom has also authored and co-authored several Excel books and tweets brief Excel tips several times a day.