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Excel Training videos

These videos come from our Excel video training.
Tip: How to clone a pivot table
Once you have one pivot table set up, you might want to see a different view of the same data. In this video, I'll show you how to quickly base one pivot table on another.
Run time: 3:11
Tip: How to group a pivot table by age range
In this video we look at how to group sample voting data into 10 year buckets, using a pivot table.
Run time: 2:47
Tip: How to quickly fill in missing data - part 2
In this video, we look at a way to fill in missing data when the structure is not consistent, using formula created with IF and ISBLANK functions.
Run time: 2:56
Tip: How to quickly fill in missing data
An easy way to add missing values to data using a dead-simple relative formula and a few other tricks to select empty cells.
Run time: 3:24
Tip: How to select cells with your keyboard
Excel Pros use keyboard shortcuts to power though big worksheets with blazing speed. In this video, we look at some key shortcuts for selecting cells.
Run time: 2:09
Tip: Clever concatenation with line breaks
In this video, we show you how to join different values together in one cell with line breaks. We also demo a clever way to add spaces, commas without double quotes.
Run time: 3:17
Tip: Why VLOOKUP is better than nested IFs
In this video, we look at a few reasons why VLOOKUP is a better option than nested IF statements, when you need to assign a commission rate (or a grade) based on an arbitrary value.
Run time: 2:58
Tip: How to pick names out of a hat with Excel
In this video, we look at how to simulate a drawing and pick winners in a contest with Excel, using the RAND and RANK functions together.
Run time: 3:10
Tip: How to make a nested IF formula easier to read
By their nature, nested IF formulas are hard to read. In this video, we show you how to easily make a nested IF formula more readable, by adding line breaks.
Run time: 3:10
Tip: How to evaluate complex formulas
In this video, we look at how to use Evaluate Formula to solve complex formulas one step at a time. It's a great way to understand how Excel solves a formula.
Run time: 3:18
Tip: How to check and debug a formula with F9
In this brief video, we look at how to debug a formula using the F9 key. If you work with formulas a lot, this is one of the most useful skills you can learn.
Run time: 3:10
Tip: Is the format painter worth your time? Yes.
A quick video overview of the Format Painter, which transfers formatting to one group of cells to another with a single click.
Run time: 3:13
Tip: How to build a search box to highlight data
In this video, we use conditional formatting to create an interactive search box to highlight data. This is a nice alternative to filtering, because the information you're looking is...
Run time: 3:35
Tip: How to use drag and drop to move things around
Did you know you can use drag and drop in Excel? It's true. Drag and drop is an alternative to copy and paste, and it can be really handy (and fun) in certain situations.
Run time: 1:51
Tip: How to use VLOOKUP instead of nested IFs
In this short video, we look at how to replace a typical nested IF formula with a VLOOKUP formula. Compared to nested IF statements, VLOOKUP is simpler and more transparent.You can change...
Run time: 3:57