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Excel PI Function

Excel PI function

The Excel PI function returns the value of the geometric constant π (pi). The value represents a half-rotation in the radian angle system. The constant appears in many formulas relating the circle, such as the area of a circle.

Get the value of π
Return value 
=PI ()
Usage notes 

The PI function returns the value of π (pi) accurate to 15 digits. The value of π represents a half-turn in radians and appears in many formulas relating to the circle. The PI function takes no arguments:

=PI() // returns 3.14159265358979

Circumference of a circle

The constant π appears in many math formulas relating to the circle. The formula for the circumference of a circle is 2πr. Given a radius of 3, the same formula in Excel is:

=2*PI()*3 // circumference of circle, r=3

Area of a circle

The area enclosed by a circle with radius (r) is defined by the following formula: πr2. With radius in cell A1, the same formula in Excel with the PI() function is:


Radians to degrees

To convert an angle measured in radians in terms of π, the DEGREES function can be used to get the corresponding angle in degrees:

=DEGREES(PI()) // Returns 180°
=DEGREES(2*PI()) // Returns 360°

See wumbo.net for a more detailed explanation of key math concepts and formulas. 

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