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Excel PERMUT Function

Excel PERMUT function

The Excel PERMUT function returns the number of permutations (combinations where order is significant) of a given number of items. To use PERMUT, specify the total number of items and "number chosen", which represents the number of items in each combination.

Get total number of permutations
Return value 
Total possible permutations as an integer
=PERMUT (number, number_chosen)
  • number - The total number of items.
  • number_chosen - The number of items in each combination.
Usage notes 
  • A permutation is a group of items in which order/sequence matters.
  • If order is not significant, use the COMBIN function.
  • Arguments that contain decimal values are truncated to integers.
  • PERMUT returns a #VALUE! error value if either argument is not numeric.
  • PERMUT returns #NUM! if number is less than number chosen.

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