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Excel NA Function

Excel NA function

The Excel NA function returns the #N/A error. #N/A means "not available" or "no value available". You can nest the NA function inside a formula to display the #N/A error when information is missing.

Create an #N/A error
Return value 
The #N/A error
=NA ()
Usage notes 

Use NA to generate the #N/A. #N/A means "not available" or "no value available". For example, you can use the NA function to flag cells that are empty or missing information needed for a calculation.

In the example shown, the formula in D8 is:


When the quantity is missing, there isn't enough data to run the calculation.,so the formula checks to see if the cell in column B is blank. If so, it returns the #N/A error using NA. If a value exists, the normal calculation is run.


  • When other formulas refer to cells that contain #N/A, they also return #N/A.
  • NA takes no arguments, but you must provide empty parentheses.
  • You can also enter the value #N/A directly into a cell as text.

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