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Line chart actual with forecast

Example of line chart with actual and forecast

This chart shows actuals so far in a solid line with forecast numbers in a dashed line. The chart type is set to line chart, and actual and forecast values are plotted as two data series. The data used for the chart is set up as shown below:

Worksheet data used for line chart

How to make this chart

  1. Select the data and insert a line chart:
    Insert line chart from ribbon
  2. Choose the first option, a basic line chart:
    Select first option for basic line chart
  3. Chart as inserted:
    After inserting a basic line chart
  4. Select Forecast data series and apply dashed line:
    Set dashed line under Format Series
  5. After setting dashed line on Forecast data series:
    After setting dashed line on 2nd data series

From this point, you can set the chart title and move the legend.


Chart type 
Dave Bruns

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