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Excel video courses

Learn Excel with high quality video training. Our videos are quick, clean, and to the point, so you can learn Excel in less time, and easily review key topics when needed. Each video comes with its own practice worksheet. Access to all courses is permanent, with no expiration date. Save 15% when you buy a course bundle. Watch the video at right to learn more.

Excel 101 basic training video course

Just getting started with Excel? Our Excel 101 course will give you a solid introduction in just over an hour, complete with practice worksheets. When you want to go further, you can apply the full purchase price for Excel 101 towards Core Excel, a complete beginner-to-intermediate video course.

Excel foundational video course

Weak Excel muscles can impair your performance, sap your energy, and even hinder your career. In a world flooded with data, you need strong Excel skills to survive and thrive. In just one course, Core Excel will teach you how to use a spreadsheet with ease and confidence, and transform your flabby Excel skills into a sturdy foundation you can build on.

Excel Pivot Table video training course

If you use Excel, but don't know how to use Pivot Tables, you're missing out...wasting time trying to do things that a Pivot Table can do for you automatically. Core Pivot is a step-by-step Excel video course that will teach you everything you need to know to use this very powerful tool. With a small investment, Pivot Tables will pay you back again and again.

Excel formulas and functions video training course

Formulas are the key to getting work done in Excel. In this accelerated video course, you'll learn how to use formulas to manipulate text, work with dates and times, lookup values with VLOOKUP and INDEX & MATCH, count and sum with criteria, dynamically rank values, and create dynamic ranges. You'll also learn powerful skills to troubleshoot, trace errors, and fix problems. This is the formula training you should have had to begin with. End your frustration with Excel formulas today.

Excel Charts video training course

A picture is worth a thousand words. Nothing beats an effective chart for presenting data in a way people can instantly understand. Excel has a powerful and deep charting engine built right in, so you already have the tools you need to create a wide range of charts and visualizations. This course will untangle and demystify Excel's powerful charting tools, so you can create effective charts quickly and painlessly.

Excel Shortcuts Video Course

Shortcuts turbocharge your productivity in Excel: they help you work faster & more accurately, they let you focus on your work (not Excel's interface), and they unlock Excel's most powerful features. But shortcuts require practice to master. This video course covers over 200 Excel shortcuts, and includes a full set of practice worksheets. Start using more Excel shortcuts today!

Video training for Excel Tables

Excel Tables offer an easy way to create dynamic ranges that adjust when data changes. This makes tables perfect for pivot tables, charts, and dashboards that need to show the latest data. This course covers the key benefits of tables, including a detailed review of structured references, the special formula language for tables. Examples include VLOOKUP, INDEX and MATCH, and SUMIFS. The course also covers, table styles, slicers, filtering, sorting, and removing duplicates.

Excel conditional formatting video course

One of the hottest trends today is data visualization. Why? Because when data is presented visually, people understand it immediately. This course will show you how to use Excel's conditional formatting to communicate key insights with clarity and impact. This is an accelerated program that takes you step-by-step through the capabilities of this powerful tool.


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Excel Pivot Table video training course
Excel conditional formatting video course
Excel formulas and functions video training course