Additional user

Exceljet courses are single-user access, and the course player tracks progress at the user level. However, you can purchase more logins at an affordable price, either now or later.

The way it works is that you buy one full-price course or bundle, then purchase additional logins as needed. Each additional login is $50.00, or you can buy a 10-pack for $250.00 ($25.00/each).  All pricing is a one-time fixed fee, and course access is permanent.

When you buy additional users, we will confirm names and emails with you. Then we will create new accounts that have access to exactly the same courses as the original user. 

To buy more logins, click the "Add to cart" button below, then change the quantity in the cart as needed. If you need more than 5 additional user logins, it is cheaper to buy a 10-user pack.

If you need a custom quote for your company or group, or have questions, just let us know.