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In this video, we look at how to use a pivot table to analyze voting data, including winning vote by percentage, and breakdown by age and gender.


In this example, we're going to analyze voting results with a pivot table.

In the data, we have the fields: Name, Gender, Age, and Vote.

And, you can see, that there are 3 voting options, A, B, and C.

First, how many people voted?

By counting Name, you can see that we have 300 votes total.

Next, what was the winning vote?

The winning vote is Option B, with 156 votes.

What's the breakdown by Percentage?

Option A got 31%, Option C got 17%, and Option B is the winner with 52%.

We could easily graph this with a pivot chart.

What's the breakdown by Gender?

By adding Gender as a column label, we can easily get the full breakdown.

Finally, what's the breakdown by age?

To get a breakdown by age, we can group by number.

Now we have a clean breakdown by age in brackets of 10 years.

You can see that grouping by number is a powerful and cool feature.

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