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In this video, we'll look at how to create and apply a chart template to an Excel chart.


In this video, we'll look at how to create and apply a chart template.

Chart templates are useful when you want to save and re-apply colors, layouts, font formatting, and other chart settings.

In this worksheet, we have the same two charts we looked at earlier in a video about copying and pasting chart formatting.

Let's assume we want to create a template based on the left chart, and then apply it to the chart on the right.

To save a template based on a chart, right-click the Chart Area, then choose Save as Template from the shortcut menu.

When Excel prompts you for a name, type a suitable file name and save the template. 

Notice Excel will add the chart template extension automatically, "crtx".

To apply a template to an existing chart, right click the chart and choose Change Chart type.

In the window that opens, select the Templates folder.

Then choose a template and click OK.

The template will then be applied to the chart.

Applying a template will affect a wide range of chart elements.

First, the chart type is applied. Before copying formats, the chart on the right was a regular stacked column chart. Now it's a 100% stacked column chart, just like the original.

Font color and size are also transferred, as you can see with the chart title, legend, vertical and horizontal axes, and the data labels.

Any custom number formats will also be carried over in the template, as you can see here with the data labels.

Templates also apply colors. Both charts now use the same blue palette.

Finally, a template will also set element positions.

The legend in the right chart was originally on the bottom, but now it's at the top below the title.

Notice that templates do not set overall chart size.

You'll need to match dimensions manually if needed.

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