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In this video, we'll look at how to move a custom table style into another Excel workbook.


In this video, we'll look at how to move a custom table style into another workbook.

You won't find an import style command in Excel, or any other direct method for moving a custom style from one workbook to another.

However, there are a couple easy workarounds.

One option is to copy an entire worksheet into another workbook.

In this workbook, I have a custom style already defined, as you can see in the styles menu.

In a second open workbook, there are no custom table styles.

To move the style from the first workbook to the second, I can right-click the sheet name, and choose "move or copy", then select the workbook without the custom style.

Then check "create a copy".

When I click OK, a copy of the sheet is moved into the other workbook.

At this point, the custom style has been imported.

As you can see in the Table Styles menu.

I copied the sheet only to bring in the style, so now I can now right-click and delete the sheet.

Then I can apply the custom style.

Another way to copy in a custom style is just to copy and paste the entire table.

I'll first delete the custom style. You can see it's now gone from the workbook.

Now I'll select the original table. The trick here is to select the entire table, including headers.

To do this, you can hover over the upper left corner until you see the diagonal arrow.

Or, you select any cell in the table, and use the shortcut Control + A twice.

Now I can just copy to the clipboard, and paste the table into the original workbook.

Again, the style is automatically imported.

I can now delete the pasted table and apply the custom style.

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