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About This Shortcut 

Unhide any hidden columns that intersect the current selection.


(1) May not work in Excel 2010 on Vista or Windows 7. Discussion and fix is here:

(2) May not work in Excel 2007. See

(3) In Windows 10, there is a conflict with a keyboard switching shortcut. You can resolve by un-assigning the keyboard layout hot key. You may need to un-assign the input language as well.

Windows 10 Change Key Sequence hotkey dialog box

This is a tricky setting to find. You are looking for Advanced Keyboard Settings, under Region and Language. 

Update June 2021: if the shortcut stops working after a Windows update, try assigning then unassigning the switch keyboard layout.

Update February 2022: Can't get the above trick to work. Let us know if you find a solution.

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