To build a pivot table that shows latest n values by date, you can add the date as a value field set to show maximum value, then (optionally) add a field as a row column and filter by value to show n values. In the example shown, Date is a value field set to Max, and Sales is a Row field filtered by value to show top 1 items.

Pivot Table Fields

In the pivot table shown, there are three fields, Name, Date, and Sales.  Name is a Row field, Sales is a Row field filtered by value, and Date is a Value field set to Max.

Pivot table latest values - field configuration

The Date field settings are set as shown in below. Note the field has been renamed to "Latest" and set to Max:

Pivot table latest values - date field settings

The Sales field has a Value filter applied to show the top 1 item by Latest (Date):

Pivot table latest values - sales field settings


  1. Create a pivot table
  2. Add Row field(s) as needed
  3. Add the Date field as a Value field and set to Max (rename if desired)
  4. Apply a Value filter to show Top 10 items and customize as needed