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Shortcuts for number formats

In this video, we'll look at shortcuts that Excel provides for applying number formatting.

First, just to recap, number formats control how a number is displayed, but they have no effect on the number's value. You can find a list of available number formats on the home tab of the ribbon.

Or you can use Control + 1 (command + 1 on a Mac) to see a list of number formats there.

Seven of these number formats have dedicated shortcuts, and they all begin with Control + Shift.

To apply the Currency number format, use Control + Shift + $

To apply the Percentage format, use Control + Shift + %

To apply the Scientific number format, use Control + Shift + ^

This is the same character that's used for exponents in Excel.

To apply the date number format, use Control + Shift + #

To apply the Time number format, use Control + Shift + @

And to apply the Number format, which applies decimals and commas, use Control + Shift + !

Finally, to revert a number back to the General format, use Control + Shift + ~

There are no dedicated keyboard shortcuts for increasing or decreasing decimal places in numbers. However, in Windows, you can use these ribbon shortcuts:

To increase decimal places, use Alt + H 0 
To decrease decimal places by one place, use Alt + H 9

You can also use Format Cells to set the number of decimal places exactly.


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