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Count times in a specific range

Excel formula: Count times in a specific range
Generic formula 

To count times that occur within a certain range, you can use the COUNTIFs function. In the example shown, the formula in E7 is:


The COUNTIFS function takes one or more criteria, entered as range/criteria pairs. In this example, the first range/criteria pair is:


Matching any time greater than or equal to the time E5 (5:00).

The second range/criteria pair is:


Matching any time less than the time in E6 (6:30).

With hard-coded values

The formula in E7 could be written with hard-coded time values as follows:


Excel translates a string like "5:00" into the correct numeric time value.

With the TIME function

The formula in E7 could be written with the TIME function like this:


The TIME function provides a simple way to assemble a valid time using discreet hour, minute, and second values.

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