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Add business days to date

Excel formula: Add business days to date
Generic formula 

If you need to add or subtract business days (workdays) to a date so that you can calculate a date in the future or past that skips weekends (and holidays), you can use the WORKDAY function. Holidays are optional.

In the example, the formula in D6 is:


This adds 7 days to Tuesday, Dec 22 and returns Tuesday, January 5, 2016.


By default, the WORKDAY function will exclude weekends (Saturday and Sunday). In this case, we have also supplied a list of 3 holidays that all fall in the date range being calculated, which means both the weekends and holidays will be excluded. The following table shows which dates are excluded with and without holidays provided (shaded gray). The final dates returned by WORKDAY are highlighted in yellow

No holidays Holidays provided
Wed, 23-Dec-2015 Wed, 23-Dec-2015
Thu, 24-Dec-2015 Thu, 24-Dec-2015
Fri, 25-Dec-2015 Fri, 25-Dec-2015
Sat, 26-Dec-2015 Sat, 26-Dec-2015
Sun, 27-Dec-2015 Sun, 27-Dec-2015
Mon, 28-Dec-2015 Mon, 28-Dec-2015
Tue, 29-Dec-2015 Tue, 29-Dec-2015
Wed, 30-Dec-2015 Wed, 30-Dec-2015
Thu, 31-Dec-2015 Thu, 31-Dec-2015
Fri, 01-Jan-2016 Fri, 01-Jan-2016
Sat, 02-Jan-2016 Sat, 02-Jan-2016
Sun, 03-Jan-2016 Sun, 03-Jan-2016
Mon, 04-Jan-2016 Mon, 04-Jan-2016
Tue, 05-Jan-2016 Tue, 05-Jan-2016
Wed, 06-Jan-2016 Wed, 06-Jan-2016

Subtract workdays

To subtract business from a date (instead of adding workdays) just use a negative value for days. For example to get a date 3 workdays before a date in A1, you can use:


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